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Debra Giusti being interviewed about her Meditation Practice,
by Jen Healy for her FREE “30 Day Meditation Challenge”

debra giustiDebra Giusti is a passionate leader and creatress of the emerging New paradigm. She is the founder and producer of Transformation Paradigm Website and eNewsletters, which she currently finds now as one of her ultimate spiritual and business dedications. Debra has 35 years experience, locally and internationally, on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, continually creating and supporting “New Paradigm” evolution. She has been an entrepreneur since 22 years old, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth and transformation, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, leading-edge spirituality, and community connection.

Beginning in 1978, Debra founded the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California, a nationally recognized, 3-day outdoor festival of music, art, ecology, health and spirituality, attended by more than 33,000 people in 2011. Debra also founded and created, Wishing Well Distributing Co., Well Being Community Center & Newspaper, Spirit of Christmas Crafts Faire, and Transforming into 2012 Multimedia Book. She now reaches over 200,000 subscribers with her websites and eNewsletters: Harmony Connections & Debra Recommends (focusing on the top events and resources in San Francisco Bay Area), and Transformation Into The New Paradigm (sharing leading edge wisdom and resources of the emerging New Paradigm).

Soul Tribe Info

debra giusti

Soul Tribes – Soul Family – Soul Contracts:
Collaborating with your Soul Tribe, to support Your Divine Mission,
Mega Manifesting and New Paradigm Realities

Fully embrace and be empowered in your relationships as the New Paradigm Shift is emerging now! Fine-tune your awareness of your predestined “Soul Contracts” with your “Soul Tribe” (the soul group you are incarnated with now) and “Soul Family” (your most prominent special relationships that you experience life with). Discover how this can empower you, give you valuable life lessons and experiences that can be highly beneficial, productive and supportive in implementing your Divine Mission. Learn to identify your Soul Tribe and your Soul Family, and how these important relationships can be very healthy, highly productive and fulfilling.

Understand how your soul contracts fit into manifesting emergence of the New Paradigm. Realize how “conscious collaboration” with your Soul Tribe is an awareness and action that can facilitate mega-manifesting the New Paradigm, especially now, during this major Global Transfiguration. Understand how the to find your Allies and Core Team, who have similar soul contracts, so you can each express your specific talents, work together and create whole new projects, businesses and community resources that support the New Paradigm realities.
This will be an Experiential Presentation, where you will have time to map out your own soul tribe/family and soul contracts, so you can come away from this presentation with greater empowerment and appreciation for your relations.

debra giusti

Mitakuye Oyasin

Click HERE to Download Free SOUL TRIBE Brochure

sharing about the Soul Tribe – Soul Family – Soul Contracts