Ken Wilber Integrates Consciousness, Mysticism, Science Holographically

ken wilberKen Wilber has been working for decades to integrate diverse disciplines into a unified.whole. His main areas of exploration have been Transpersonal Psychology and his own Integral Theory and Theory of Truth.

ken wilberA hallmark of Ken Wilber’s approach is the use of Quadrants created by sorting two intersecting concepts. In his Integral Theory he maintains that all human knowledge fits into one of four quadrants consisting of:

  • “I” as being interior, individual and intentional (exemplified by Freud),
  • “it” as being exterior, individual and behavioral (exemplified by Skinner’s Behaviorism),
  • “we” as being interior, collective and Cultural (exemplified by Gadamer’s work on Philosophical Hermeneutics (human understanding) and
  • “its” as being exterior, collective and social (exemplified by Karl Marx’ theories).

Lately Ken Wilber has been working with people to maximize their potential.