ONE:OperationNewEarth and SciSpi.TV®

with Suzanne Ross and Global Thought Leaders

SciSpi.TV now features 9 channels and over 50 shows including the new shopping channel: Metaphysical Marketplace
Suzanne Ross, founder of ONE:OperationNewEarth and SciSpi.TV®, celebrates the Ascension of the New Earth on SciSpi.TV with
the release of a brand new show.
featuring over 50 FREE videos hosted by Global Thought Leaders, Ascension Guides, Authors, Speakers, Sound Healers and LightWorkers.
SciSpi.TV is offering a HOLIDAY PROMOTION
of only $4.44/month or $44/year
to honor the angelic frequency of 444 and our new show
SciSpi.TV presents ONE: OperationNewEarth uniting New Earth Ascenders hosted by Suzanne Ross and featuring inspiring, empowering and enlightening videos hosted by global ascension leaders like Laura Eisenhower, Maureen St Germain, Suzanne Ross, Tracey Ash, Shekina Rose, Lightstar and Thunderbeat as well as progressive thought leaders like Andrew Collins, Rob Potter, Brad Olsen, Mary Rodwell, Dr. Raymond Keller, Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, Brooks Agnew, Tom Dongo, Keith Anthony Blanchard and more. Includes performances by Shekina Rose, Arthur Baird, Thunderbeat and Lightstar. Shocking revelations about contact with extraterrestrials, UFO’s and hybrid humans from Contactees like Tom Dongo, Rob Potter and Dr. Raymond Keller and Mary Rodwell!
Also includes awe-inspiring footage of sacred sites in the majestic red rock temples of Sedona. Enjoy spiritual journeys into the major vortex sites sponsored by SciSpi.TV and Sedona Mystical Tours.
Some of our thought leaders include:
Laura Eisenhower
Maureen St Germain
Suzanne Ross
Tracey Ash
Shekina Rose
Andrew Collins
Rob Potter
Brad Olsen
Mary Rodwell
Dr. Raymond Keller
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Brooks Agnew
Tom Dongo
Keith Anthony Blanchard
Arthur Baird
Tom Dongo
and more!


Suzanne Ross is a well-known author, speaker, T.V. and radio personality as well as a respected healer, psychic, spiritual tour guide and event organizer in Sedona, Arizona. She is the founder and creator of SciSpi.TV, a revolutionary TV network that merges science and spirituality with 9 channels and over 50 shows featuring spiritually-inspired and scientifically-minded hosts. Suzanne hosts “Transcends the Matrix” on SciSpi.TV and Truth Frequency Radio. She also hosts “Lighten UpTV: Discussions with Global Thought Leaders” and co-hosts the TV series “Supernatural Sedona” on SciSpi.TV with Shekina Rose. Suzanne is the author of the “Up!” trilogy: Wake Up!, Rise Up! and Lighten Up!” and has produced TV and radio shows featuring the content of her book series. Suzanne offers sessions and readings, both live and online, along with guided meditations, initiations and activations that can be accessed on her personal website: Home – Suzanne Ross Wellness. She also offers guided spiritual journeys into the sacred vortex sites of Sedona through Sedona Mystical Tours. As a leader in the ascension movement, Suzanne is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and awakening humanity through her multiple offerings.