The Cosmology of the Soul

3-Day Online Conference

Fri. Jan 8 – Sun. Jan 10
Replay Available
Via Zoom Featuring 22 speakers, 3 Panels, 3 Mc’s…
all in 3 days! Speakers include Sheila Seppi, Barbara Lamb,
Rebecca Hardcastle, Mary Rodwell, Marilyn Harper, Neil Gaur, Alan Steinfeld and more
This online gathering will explore the depths of the cosmos, our true galactic history and the cosmology of the soul. The intention is to inform and shed light on paradigm-shifting topics that can empower the world.
The First Annual Walk-Ins 3-Day Conference, where we will explore the walk-in phenomena from experiencers and researchers.
What is a walk-in?
Are there different types?
What information are we able to learn about humanity
and the cosmos through the reality of the walk-in experience?
Where does the soul come from?
How does it incarnate?
What are the cycles of the soul?
Are they permanent or transient?
Obtain the answers to these questions and so many more.
Walk-ins The Cosmology of the Soul is the first-ever conference about walk-ins presented by walk-ins!
What we will explore
  • Source Energy, Shantiaskaan, Higher Self, Spirit, Soul
  • What a Walk-in is and is not
  • Walk-in personality changes
  • Memory loss
  • Types of walk-in’s – soul exchanges, infusions, braids, overlays, jumpers, multidimensional soul layering
  • Cosmic locations of walk-ins – earth seeds, star seeds, source seeds, dimensional seeds, soul hybrids
  • Space ships and vessels
  • Light language
  • and much more
Featuring 22 speakers, 3 Panels, 3 Mc’s… all in 3 days!
Sheila Seppi
Emma Louise LivingSoul
Barbara Lamb
Nicole Richmond
Dylan Kuczko
Gayle Mack
Jacquelin Smith
Marilyn Harper
Andrea Perron
Hildegard Gmeiner
Maya Christobel
YnDon Clark
Darlene Van de Grift
Yvonne Perry
Robert McWilliam
Mary Rodwell
Jeremie Leckron
Maia Nartoomid
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
Rob Gauthier
Scott Mathias
Neil Gaur