Bio Tech of the Human Soul & Structure of the Universe

with Geraldine Orozco

Sun. Sep 13, 12:00pm – 2:00pm PT
Replay Available
Online via Zoom with Corporate Wellness Coach, Author, Speaker, Radio Host Geraldine Orozco
Learn how the human body heals and changes it’s frequency through its multidimensional structure, DNA and its environment.
Together we draft it’s advanced and elegant design interconnected to a collective network of infinite consciousness.
We will also understand how we come together in groups we know as families, friends and relationships.
Learn how to use the tools within the human body to transform your life, de-program suffering and pain while clearing ancestral trauma which influences through the laws of cause and effect, defining our manifestation also known as the karmic cycle.
Unconditional Love becomes the fabric of your well being while healing the collective consciousness.