Discover the Biofield Tuning (& Toning) Experience

with Eileen McKusick

Sat. Aug 29, 10:00am PT
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Free Online Event with Researcher, Biofield Tuning Founder, Sound-Therapy Practiioner & Author Eileen McKusick
Sound Healing Using Tuning Forks & Your Voice to Alchemize Emotions, Boost Immunity & Liberate Your Truest Self
Receive a throat chakra sound healing to harmonize and energize your thyroid and whole system… and understand the power of your voice to help “tune” your biofield.
If you’ve ever experienced sound-therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick’s virtual sound healings, you know that they feel really good, generally providing a soothing state of relaxation and calm…
You sit back as she sends out tuning-fork vibrations to detect imbalances in your biofield — the electromagnetic energy field that flows through and around you — and listens for sound that indicates balance or resonance has been established.
Simply put, this powerful sound-healing method — proven to enhance immunity and optimize overall wellbeing — creates vibrational frequencies that allow the body to “tune” itself.
In this fascinating hour with Eileen, she’ll share an even more potent approach to this healing modality, introducing the voice as a complementary healing “instrument” in tuning fork treatments — one that allows you to play an active part in using sound to harmonize your heavy emotions and electric or energetic health.
This is NOT singing, but toning, and anyone can do it.
Toning is a form of spontaneous sounding that emanates from deep within you and helps the stuck energy of your heavy emotions arise and be alchemized.
And, just as the coherent vibrations and tones of a tuning fork can reduce dissonance and resistance to optimal health in your body’s biofield, the authentic sounds of your voice can help transmute difficult feelings that hold you back from speaking and living your truth.
As Eileen teaches, when we liberate the potential of our voice, we liberate our potential — and we add exponentially to the ease with which we live our lives.
It’s the medicine within that can ground you in the present moment, heighten self-awareness and self-trust… and even improve blood flow, digestion, immunity, and thyroid health, as well as promote relaxation and boost energy.
We all hold chaotic energies and vibrational dissonance of heavy emotions throughout our bodies, which may be even more prevalent during these challenging times — and can be a major obstacle to our health and wellbeing.
When you open to the vulnerability you may feel when making the sounds your soul wants to express, you come into a power that may surprise you… a new energy and resiliency that reflects true holistic health and paves the way for living more confidently, freely, and joyfully.