Claim Your Life Force

Online Conference

Sat. Dec 21, 2019, 10:30am – 6:00pm PT
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An awareness is here now – that we are faced with the decision to transform this planet, ourselves and many global institutions.
Chaos and confusion are escalating throughout the world.
How do we rise above and access the tools that can empower all of humanity? When we are not aware that we are life force energy we are more susceptible to manipulation and control. We are much greater than that.
Our life force energy is synonymous with our sexual energy and it is time as a collective to transcend the shame, guilt, and fear we have around this vital essence that makes us human, and step into the knowing that we are the divine creators of this reality. Now is the time to embody our divinity not only to birth our own desires, but also to recognize how we can use our divinity in cooperation with all beings for the best and highest good for all. If we do not do this now… what will that planet and civilization look like? Ancient civilizations throughout antiquity spoke of a time when there would be a great awakening…that time is now.
Join us at this online event to step into your power and claim your sovereignty. The time has come to discover the practical steps to achieve this reality.
If this resonates with your soul…join us… Sign up today for this revolutionary, intensive, and above all transformative online gathering.