Conscious Breathwork
Begin Your 'Journey of the Alchemist'

with Anthony Abbagnano

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Free Online Event with Breathwork Trainer & Founder of Alchemy of Breath and the Alchemy School of Healing Arts Anthony Abbagnano
Combine body and mind awareness to create a breathwork practice you can use — and share with others — to restore wellbeing, peace, and joy… all in a matter of minutes.
Many things about this year have caught us completely off-guard.
Sitting at home feeling stuck, being forced to change our most basic routines, and experiencing a profound sense of stress and separation…
… makes it easy to believe we don’t have control over anything at all — including how we feel.
And yet, all along we had access to a powerful practice that connects us with our innate wisdom, brings greater awareness to our lives, and guides us to make decisions that lead to overall wellbeing and happiness — the alchemy of applied breathwork.
Your breathwork practice can instantly change your state of being and point of view at any moment… whenever you need to create harmony and peace in your life.
You absolutely can build your own reality, and create a space that always makes you feel safe and centered.
Join Anthony Abbagnano, breathwork trainer and founder of Alchemy of Breath and the ASHA Community of Healing, and take the first step on a new journey of self-discovery during a fascinating and experiential 60-minute online event.
Anthony will start by leading you through a conscious, connected pattern of breathing through the nose…
You’ll get into your body with a quick reset. As your intention builds with each breath, you’ll enhance your lung and sinus health, energize your body, and boost your immune system.
Together, you’ll then move through one of Anthony’s favorite and most powerful practices, the Sweet Spot Meditation. As you’ll discover, the happiest moments of your life are tied to a specific location in your body…
You’ll breathe into that place, rest your hand there, and take a few breaths, regaining intimacy with that part of your life that gives you that feeling of true bliss.
And you’ll discover you have the choice to come back to this safe place — your sweet spot — anytime…
This powerful activation will leave you feeling recharged and revitalized.
And studies have shown that breathwork helps reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and ADD.
Anthony teaches breathwork to hundreds of students online every week — and he’s created a special new experience to help you find inner peace and calm during these uncertain times…
Join us for this special hour and let your body remind you that, as Anthony says, happiness is your human right.
In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:
  • Understand how conscious, connected breath patterns help restore your brain by giving it what it truly craves — while also nourishing your internal organs, releasing locked-in trauma, and more
  • Realize how you can use breathwork to become more compassionate, loving, and understanding of yourself and others
  • Move through a calming breathing practice, becoming more aware of your body until everything has slowed down
  • Experience Anthony’s Sweet Spot Meditation and reconnect with a part of your life that brings you happiness
  • Explore how breath practice and meditation help you “navigate on the edge of what you do and don’t know,” as you move through difficult times
You’ll also be among the first to hear about a new opportunity to continue your work with Anthony and discover advanced practices steeped in the deeper alchemy of breathwork as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety — along with greater self-awareness, love, and compassion, all from the comfort of your own home…
You can incorporate these practices into your daily life-improving your relationships, and generating greater mental clarity and purpose as you move through life with grace.