Evolutionary Healer Virtual Summit
and Book Launch

Experience the Magic and Radical Wisdom of
18 Ascending Visionaries

Free Life Changing Event
Tue., Sep 1-9
24 Hour Replay Available
Online Virtual Summit Hosted by Ariadne Avalon with Speakers Dr Karen Kan, Gwen Lepard, Laura Eisenhower,
Jaden Fox, Chastity Kribble and many more
We’ve gathered 18 ascending visionaries that will offer you unique wisdom to unlock you from limited living, shine light into your shadows, soothe your insecurities and fears, and remind you of your cosmic origins and activate your Infinite God Self.
What if your spiritual evolution was the next revolution; the cosmic shift that moves humanity and the earth into a higher level of consciousness?
One that includes sovereignty, the embodiment of your Higher Self, and equality and prosperity for all on a resilient, thriving earth?
If you are looking for wisdom that will help you navigate the monumental shifts humanity is experiencing; this summit will:
  • Support you through your spiritual ascension process
  • Guide you in living from your Heart and Soulful Self
  • Transform your grief, loss, repressed emotions, and other woundings into self-love and personal empowerment
  • Help you discover your multi-dimensional nature
  • Increase your vibrational frequency, and connect you with loving spiritual beings
  • Enable you to embrace your spiritual superpowers and live a life above and beyond the many negative energies of our environment
  • Remind you of your Galactic origins and align you to Unity Consciousness and the Cosmic Christos Sophia
Don’t resign yourself to being trapped in a sensory, 3D reality.
Join this summit!
Lift your consciousness!
Connect with new realities and dimensions!
Receive a deep understanding of what it means to embody your Infinite
God Self.
Embody your Cosmic Christos 12D Avatar.