Explore Your Soul's Journey

with William Bloom, Ph.D.

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Free Online Event with Pioneering UK Author, Educator, Mystic, Energy Worker, and Director of Spiritual Companions Trust William Bloom, Ph.D.
Metaphysical Wisdom for Living Life (and Beyond) with Love, Grace and Meaning
Understand your soul’s immense journey — in its earthbound and cosmic dimensions — and experience a guided meditation to visualize and feel into the “soft explosion of light” that occurs at birth, death, and spiritual initiation.
The journey of your soul is infinite and extraordinary…
How and why it reincarnates into a human existence… again and again…
How and why it chooses a particular body and family…
The influences of individual and group karma…
The patterns in your soul that guide your attitude, relationships, and behavior life after life…
And, how “soul contracts’’ are played out.
All of this addressing the immense question…
Where do we really go when we die?
In this mind- and heart-opening hour with William Bloom — a leading metaphysical teacher in the United Kingdom and 40-year faculty member of the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation — you will gain new insights, perspectives, and answers to many of these questions…
… some of which may surprise you, even if you’re already highly knowledgeable about this subject.
You’ll better understand your soul’s immense journey — in its earthbound and cosmic dimensions — and how this awareness can provide a profound sense of meaning, belonging, and fulfilment… and impart confidence, compassion, and grace at the end of life and beyond.
It can also open your mind to an array of fascinating topics, including the bardo state, the esoteric teachings of the ancient mystery schools, creation myths, angels, totems, and path workings.
Path workings is the ancient practice of helping someone transition safely and gracefully, which William will share more about during this complimentary hour.
Understanding your soul’s journey can clarify, fuel, and encourage your spiritual growth. It can also greatly ease fears of death and help you better support others in coming to terms with their passing, as you learn to view life — and your own inevitable transition — from a much broader and compassionate perspective…
… a cosmic vantage point that recognizes and honors the intrinsic wisdom in the vibration and light that merge with the physical body to guide us through our existence on this earthly plane.
During this truly amazing online event with William, you’ll:
  • Glimpse the soul’s journey — including its emergence out of the harmony, beauty, and intelligence of the cosmos
  • Find out why souls exist, their purpose, and how they guide and influence our lives in our earthly incarnations
  • Discover an explanation of soul contracts that may surprise you
  • Gain insights into where your soul goes immediately after death, and how — through the ancient practice of path workings — you can help someone transition safely and gracefully
  • Experience a guided meditation in which you visualize and feel what William calls the soft explosion of light that occurs at birth, death, and spiritual initiation
William, who was named one of 2020’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People” in Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, is the author of 26 books, several of them bestsellers in Europe.
He brings to his teachings a lifetime immersion in the classic teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions, including the Egyptian, Celtic, and Tibetan Books of the Dead; Indigenous creation myths; the Western mystery traditions of Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Sufism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry; and the more modern interpretations of Theosophy, Alice Bailey, and Rudolph Steiner.
Williams is as warm and humorous as he is well-schooled, and a delight to learn from.
During this special online event with William, you’ll also learn about a brand-new 7-week online course with him that will delve much deeper into the journey of the soul…
… through teachings and practices designed to enrich your incarnation here on earth, and help your soul eventually transition with ease and love as you journey into the cosmos and beyond.