The Health Campaign Petition

Take 45 Seconds to Save Lives & Livelihoods

Common Sense on COVID — Please sign the Petition!
This petition urges public officials to launch education & research initiatives focusing on natural health strategies
(nutrition, supplements, lifestyle)
that can help strengthen public health and immunity.
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What would it be like if something simple came along that you could do in just 45 seconds that could help save lives and get everyone back to work and social connection faster and safer?
What if it involved something that could help protect your health and the health of your loved ones?
It turns out there is.
In the midst of all the debate about COVID, several simple, natural approaches are proven to strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of serious outcomes from respiratory infections, including COVID-19.
At the following link, you’ll find a petition to public officials calling for inclusion of free and low-cost natural approaches to health that can help in the time of COVID.
These aren’t “cures.” They aren’t positions on masks or vaccines or electoral politics. They’re common sense approaches that are empirically proven, but are being almost completely ignored in public policy and the media. With just 45 seconds of your time, you can help to save lives and livelihoods, and help move our health care system to include preventive health.
Please take just 45 seconds to sign the Health Campaign Petition to help public officials: 
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Save Lives
  • Restart the Economy Faster and Safer
Thank you!
Jeffery Ringold