Doctor of the Soul will be your Guide

Wed. May 27 – Tue. Jun 2
Free until Jun 1.
After Jun 1 then $50-$250, receive 10% off if mention
Offering one-on-one appointments accessing 40 years of wisdom for souls. Applying psychology beyond limited versions using tools from modern psychology and the legacy of medicine from around the world.
Online Soul Recognition Sessions Offered Daily
by Zoom appointment at
~ Meet John Rehak watch the video above ~
“Doctor of The Soul” is John Rehak, M.Div with 40 year’s experience as a psychotherapist who has always worked with a metaphysical vision
John is author of “Doctor of the Soul” ‘Experiences in Astrological and Sacred Psychology’ available on
  • The Soul has a history, that is why we have familiarities, deja vu, an affinity for geographical places, interests in historical time periods, and possess special talents.
  • Mining this rich soul history can help understand why the soul has come into this incarnation and the special talents that it brings to accomplish our current life soul work.
  • Soul possesses a profound voice that is passionate and vital, especially now. That voice is the Imagination. In this time of transition, the soul rises up from the depths of who we are, like the Phoenix from the Ashes, in order to Shine brilliantly in this time when we are being asked to re-Imagine everything. Especially our lives.
  • Doctor of the Soul offers a free consultation until June 1st to begin your journey into Soul Recognition. John has worked with Astrologists for 35 years who are able to ‘blind read’ a Soul’s birth chart in order to assist in understanding one’s life path.
  • Soul Recognition is very helpful to younger souls who are confused about what they have come to the earth plane to accomplish.
  • For all who may be lost in melancholy, depression, or searching for meaning in their personal journey, Soul Recognition will help find the Phoenix lost in the ashes of the current life journey.
  • Result…”Mind Blown“…Soul gets to Fly out of the Mind Cage.
  • John provides all sorts of Therapy and has a caregiver center in Ohio to make sure Souls are properly medicated with Herbal and cannabis medicine.
  • Comedy? John does “Doctor of the Soul” ‘Sacrilegious AF’ (Sacrilegious means…Sacer or Sacred and outside of the protection of societies) which is great entertainment for after banquet Conferences or Festivals or Zoom anywhere.
  • Comedy is speaking the truth before anyone else sees it. The Ultimate Panacea to escape life’s realities!