The Nature Talks

30+ Speakers | 5 Day Online
Experiential Gathering

Wed. Feb 3, – Sun. Feb 7
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A 5 Day Online Experiential Gathering with Hosts Geeta Stilwell, Pamela Wirth & Manuela Siegfried with 30+ Speakers including:
Wendy Figone, Marina Robb, Geoff Robb, Mario Trigueros, Alan Watson Featherstone, Eli Goodsell, Michelle Reugebrink, and more
Reconnecting People and Planet Now More Than Ever.
Join us on a journey to discover, restore, and celebrate
our human relationship with nature.
As our world continues to face the many uncertainties of our time, more and more people are beginning to recognize that the way in which we relate with nature is connected to the survival of our species and planetary wellbeing. 
The old belief that we can take nature for granted as an endlessly available resource is beginning to give way to a new appreciation of the living, breathing, interconnected web of life, which we’re all part of. While many human cultures have embraced this point of view since ancient times, industrialized cultures are only now beginning to remember. 
As nature-inspired people and practitioners, we hold a vital role during this unprecedented time. Bringing people and nature together in positive, life-affirming ways has never been more important. 
Whether we are nature guides; teachers in outdoor classrooms; eco-therapists; authors; artists; parents; park-and-forest management; activists; elders; researchers; healthcare providers; or working in outdoor recreation – our contributions are needed now, to help us discover, restore and celebrate our human relationship with nature.
The Nature Talks: Reconnecting People and Planet. Now More Than Ever.” is a new experiential gathering designed to bring together a global community of like-minded and like-hearted people to share and learn from each other, get professional inspiration, and make new friends!
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