The Superhuman Energy Summit

Mon. Jul 13 – Sun. Jul 19
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Hosted by Ari Whitten with Speakers Joseph Mercola, Tom O’Bryan, Kiran Krishnan, Michael Murray, Magdalena Wszelaki, Trudy Scott and more!
Stop waking up exhausted and reluctantly dragging yourself through each day when you learn how to unlock SUPERHUMAN ENERGY — overcome fatigue, cultivate your energy, improve immunity and elevate your zest for life when you step into a supercharged version of yourself!
Tired of waking up exhausted and reluctantly dragging yourself through each day? Join me and learn to unlock SUPERHUMAN ENERGY to help you overcome fatigue, improve immunity, recharge your brain, and regain your zest for life!
It is estimated that 17-24 million suffer from full-blown chronic fatigue syndrome and another 3-6% suffer from fibromyalgia. But this is just scratching the surface of the problem, with the most severe cases…
Fatigue, burnout, and chronic lack of energy affect nearly 1 in 2 people.
Half of us!
Energy is at the core of happiness and success in life, and yet it’s easy to normalize energy depletion… and then, to just push… and push harder while suffering with (and exacerbating!) symptoms like exhaustion, brain fog, impaired memory, trouble sleeping, mood problems, pain and other physical symptoms…
…thereby, causing further exhaustion and, possibly, chronic health issues!
Always passionate about health and fitness, your host, Ari Whitten, became a health advocate after he contracted mononucleosis (caused by Epstein-Barr virus) and his world was forever changed. Before his illness, he had always been a fit and healthy athlete, but then, suddenly, nearly a year after this infection, he became severely and chronically fatigued.
This put the concept of human energy on the map for him: inspiring him to shift focus from the world of fitness to the science of energy, and to dedicate his life to helping people suffering from chronic fatigue by teaching the science of human energy enhancement.
He’s here to help you by sharing his discovered wisdom!
The Superhuman Energy Summit will help you learn:
  • Most common causes of fatigue
  • Biohacks for Superhuman energy
  • Hormone and immune system optimization
  • Mindset and nutritional strategies
  • Top 5 tips to boost brain health
  • Detox protocols and supplements to maximize energy
  • Power of spirituality, meditation and movement
  • And so much more!
You’re not alone. There are answers. We can heal together.
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