Tuning Your Electric Body

with Eileen McKusick
Harmonize Your Biofield, Clear Blocked Energy
& Raise Your 'Voltage'

Sat. Aug 10, 10:00am – 12:00pm PT
Replay Available
Special Free Video Event with Two Classes
Special Presentation: Two Free Classes with Researcher, Biofield Tuning Founder, Sound-Therapy Practitioner & Author Eileen McKusick
Preview TWO course sessions — at no cost — and experience sound-healing ‘tune-ups’ conducted with a tuning fork to benefit your entire wellbeing.
Learn about your ‘electric body’ and biofield, and how sound can slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease.


Discover how energy blocks — in between your chakras — can be cleared to harmonize your whole electric body, calm your nervous system, and raise your ‘voltage.’
Most of us are aware that our body contains invisible energies. The concept of chi or life force-energy flowing through and around us is ancient and well established…
Yet, did you know that this energy has electromagnetic qualities… and that just the right type of sound can have the positive effect of “harmonizing” your “electric body” to promote optimal wellbeing?
On Saturday, August 10, we’ll be sharing a rare preview of two foundational classes taught by acclaimed sound-therapy practitioner Eileen McKusick — so you canexperience sound healing conducted with a tuning fork for yourself.
These two powerful sessions are from Eileen’s popular Shift Network course, Your Electric Body, AND her current course, Your Electric Body Tuning Experience (which you can still join!).
How does it work? First, vibrations are sent out that detect a physical or emotional imbalance — which shows up as resistance and turbulence in your biofield — and then coherent tones are sounded on and around the body to harmonize this dissonance. 
Simply put, sound healing through the use of a tuning fork creates vibrational frequencies that allow your body to “tune” itself…