The Weaponization of Food
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Sat. Nov 9, 10:30am – 6:00pm PT
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There has been a war on our food supply.
The way in which we process our food, especially in industrialized countries, have lead to a decay in quality and the mentality of profit over health.
The food industry has been corrupted on many levels: from members in the FDA who look the other way and do not consider research that proves certain additives and chemicals are harmful to the human body to an economy based on efficiency and reducing expenses rather than considering the impact it will have on us.
There are countries who have outlawed specific chemicals, artificial flavors, additives and GMO’s in order to attempt to sustain the life of their citizens. However, many territories have fallen into corporate greed and negligence with their food supply.
The US is most likely the most affected due to these corporate influences over governmental regulatory organizations and their lobbying power. These companies go unchecked on many levels and at times even regulate themselves without any third party investigations. This has to stop and it starts with informing the masses.
What we will uncover…
➤ What is the reason behind this take over and replacement of consciously grown and healthy food to a system based on profits over health?
➤ How do we fix this and what are the practical steps we can take today to live an ascended healthy lifestyle?
➤ Move away from victim consciousness and become the change agents.
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