Get Direct Access to Your Inner Wisdom

with Lisa Barnett
Unlock your Soul Guidance with these 4 Vibrational Keys

Thu., Dec 12th  
REPLAY Available
A FREE Global Online Event with Int’l Bestselling Author,
 Akashic Teacher & Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Lisa Barnett
What could you accomplish without unproductive patterns, and unconscious fears?
Would you like to have access to 4 Vibrational Keys that can rapidly move you out of feelings of lack, financial roller coaster rides, confusion, and dead end relationships?
How about learning to quickly access your inner wisdom and deep unconditional love?
Lisa Barnett is offering this Free Online Workshop to assist you in Re-Claiming your Birthright to access your Clarity and Purpose easily. 
Lisa’s processes help you to rapidly move yourself out of lack so you can create more alignment in your life… right away!
Learn how you can shift patterns of doubt and fear while receiving guidance, unconditional love and blessings from your soul.
This is an event where extraordinary people like you gather to learn new tools for spiritual transformation. Lisa wants to make sure we close 2019 on a transformational vibration as we prepare to start 2020 creating more of what our heart and Soul desires, with ease and grace.
During this 60 minute Free Online Healing event you will discover:
1.      The number #1 reason why you haven’t been receiving clear guidance on a daily basis.
2.     How to open yourself up to receive the necessary energy for manifesting more of what you truly desire: money, love, health and clarity.
3.     Release one of the most important obstacles to your life’s purpose and expansion in the here and now.
4.     A simple technique to center and align with your higher purpose, quickly and immediately.
5.     How you can tap into the direct guidance through your personal Akashic Record Keepers of your Soul.
It’s time to exchange confusion and doubt for total clarity and direction!
Imaging the amazing feeling when you become conscious of your soul purpose which is part of your Soul’s Plan!
If you could clear blocks that hold you back, which would be the first? How about Karma, what are you so sick and tired of experiencing that it would be the first to go? Imagine being in alignment with your soul.
You can finally breathe deeply and fully relax by melting into the arms of the Divine. Ahhhh doesn’t that feel… well… Divine?
Don’t miss this opportunity to join Lisa Barnett to learn new yet ancient tools and have access to 4 Vibrational Keys that will accelerate your healing process so you can rapidly move out of patterns of lack, financial roller coaster rides, self doubt, and dead end relationships, just to name a few.
What’s even more exciting is how peaceful and loved you can feel when emptied of all the negative confusion and Karma you have felt all year, or possibly all your life. 
Prepare to Transform your Life!
The Akashic Record Keepers tell us “Nothing is written in Stone because you are an Infinite Creator”.
When you are conscious of your Soul’s Plan and Purpose, you have the ability to make new choices and transform your life!
Lisa will share with you the exciting details about how to do exactly that by Learning to “Access your Personal Akashic Wisdom” with her world renowned course, which starts in January 2020.
Remember, attendance is absolutely FREE and you’ll receive healing and tools you need during the call to change your life.