The 3 Keys to Becoming a Conscious Leader

with Evolutionary Pioneer Steve Farrell

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FREE Series of 3 powerful 90-minute Online Video Events
In this challenging time we’re living in, people tend to fall into two categories: 
The first are those who feel overwhelmed by the rapidly changing and divided world around us, and who are desperately in need of guidance to help them make decisions that support the positive possibilities of continuing our evolution toward becoming better humans inside our Oneness with the Divine energy of the Universe.
The second group are those who are able to clearly see a bigger picture of what is possible for our world and are capable of helping others see that picture and can guide them to make decisions that support those positive possibilities for growth and change.  
These kinds of leaders are needed in every area of society, not just politicians or teachers, but also in the healing arts, community groups, and in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries, too.
Even in our groups of friends and our families, this kind of leadership is needed now more than ever before.
If you fall into the second category of those who are able to be leaders of one kind or another, then I can’t encourage you strongly enough to attend a FREE Online Video Series being offered by our good friend, evolutionary pioneer Steve Farrell.
It’s called The 3 Keys to Becoming a Conscious Leader.
Steve has been mastering the art of being a conscious leader himself as the visionary Executive Director of the Humanity’s Team non-profit organization for the past 15 years, an organization he founded with bestselling author of the Conversations with God books, Neale Donald Walsch.
And he’s decided that the time has come to share everything he’s learned from that journey and from interviewing hundreds of other conscious leaders for Humanity’s Team programs during that time.
The 3 Keys to Becoming a Conscious Leader series features 3 separate video events that will take place on the Zoom video conference platform, so you’ll be able to see Steve and he’ll be able to see you and everyone else in attendance.
Each 90-minute video event will be focused on helping you develop the skills and perspectives that will make you a better leader in all you do, and in every aspect of your own life’s journey.