Discussions with Global Thought Leaders Hosted by Suzanne Ross Looking for some inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment this holiday season? Tune into Lighten Up! TV hosted by Suzanne Ross on the Perspectives Channel of SciSpi.TV. You will enjoy scintillating discussions about everything from ascension, quantum physics, multidimensionality, aliens and ancient cultures to manifestation, personal development, spiritual growth and powerful practices!

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The Joyful Warrior Code

13 Week Interactive Program 13 Illuminaries ~ 1 Transformational Journey and Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass Sat. Jan 16 - Sat. Apr 24 Replay Available 13-week Online Event with 13 speakers Join Bryant Wood, Shira Lazar, Dr. Clint Rogers, Dr. Eric Pearl, Jan Broberg, Barry Shore and many other Illuminary leaders and teachers for an interactive 13-week, transformative journey designed to PERMANENTLY connect you to your power Source, ignite your creative fire, and empower you to fearlessly create an extraordinary and inspired Life. This course is designed to light the spark of your divinity and full potential, awakening and igniting the loving, inspired, Creative Force that you are. You will emerge from the Joyful Warrior Code with the Tools, Awareness, and Inspiration to experience your dreams made manifest in physical form. Exclusive limited time 30% off enrollment with code PARADIGM, and/or clicking HERE. This offer expires on January 5th at midnight PT. ~ AND ~ Available Now! Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass In this one short session, you will learn how to Uncover the 3 Tools You Can Utilize Right Now to Transform Any Challenge Or Obstacle Into Generative, Creative Fuel. You will also Receive the 7 IMMUTABLE TRUTHS Known by Creative Masters - from shamans to CEO's - that will allow you to Activate Your Full Power And Create The Extraordinary Life You Choose! In this Free Micro-Masterclass you Will: Discover the 3 Life-Changing Tools necessary to transform any challenge or difficult situation into a positively catalyzed force that propels you towards the realization of your desired Life. Find out the practices implemented by masterful creators - from shamans to CEO's - that will allow you to experience the Life that you choose. Learn the 7 Immutable Truths that are the foundational principles necessary to tap into the universal well of infinite potential and possibility. Uncover powerful human technology that you can utilize at any time you want to turn fear into fuel. Receive life-changing guidance and teachings that can be applied in all aspects of your Life, including personal health and wellbeing, finances, relationships, career, family, and everything else that is important to you.

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3 Amazing FREE Opportunities

from Year of Miracles creators Marci Shimoff, Dr Sue Morte 3 Secrets to Living a Miraculous Life ~Available Now~ A System for Attracting Miraclesr and Lisa Garr ~AND~ The 4 Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life eBook ~Available Now~ Reverse unconscious mistakes. Start living in The Miracle Zone. ~AND~ Miracles Activation for Empowerment ~Available Now~ Audio Meditation

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Mastering Reality

with Michael Bernard Beckwith & Panache Desai ~ Available Now ~ Replay Available FREE Two 60-Minute Online Video Program Series with Acclaimed Spiritual Teachers Michael Bernard Beckwith & Panache Desai MASTERING REALITY: Living a Masterful Life & Living a Life Without Limits  Transcend Your Limitations, Access Your Infinite Power, and Become Fully You!

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Love Your Shadow Side Into Wholeness Through Feminine Alchemy

with Ariel Spilsbury ~ Available Now ~ REPLAY AVAILABLE Sign up anytime before Jul 30, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with the Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, Renowned Author, Priestess, and Unconventional Initiator Ariel Spilsbury In a new hour-long event with Ariel Spilsbury, you’ll discover how to move away from the masculine approach of fixing your “flaws” — and instead balance out your energy with the feminine approach of befriending your flaws and loving your shadow self into wholeness.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Summit

Tue. May 19 - Fri. May 22 Replay Available Free Online Summit Hosted by Deborah Eden Hull, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Nick Mattos Featuring 25+ Speakers Joanna Macy, Ruth King, Mark Coleman, Pamela Weiss, Dr Larry Ward, Amma Thanasanti, Suzanne Bryant, La Sarmiento, Pascal Auclair and many more Do you find it difficult to embrace the discomfort of the unknown? How are you relating to the prevailing, almost hypnotic tendency toward worry, overthinking, and fear? It’s fairly common to want guarantees and certainty in life… to try to force specific outcomes… to be anxious about what may come. Yet, these difficult states of mind can breed tremendous stress and pain in the emotional, physical, and mental realms of your being, and may lead to insomnia, headaches, and a host of other physical and psychological ailments.

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