The Joyful Warrior Code
13 Week Interactive Program

13 Illuminaries ~ 1 Transformational Journey
Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass

Sat. Jan 16 – Sat. Apr 24
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13-week Online Event with 13 speakers
 Join Bryant Wood, Shira Lazar, Dr. Clint Rogers, Dr. Eric Pearl, Jan Broberg,
Barry Shore and many other Illuminary leaders and teachers for an interactive 13-week, transformative journey designed to PERMANENTLY connect you to your power Source, ignite your creative fire, and empower you to fearlessly create an extraordinary and inspired Life.
This course is designed to light the spark of your divinity and full potential, awakening and igniting the loving, inspired, Creative Force that you are. You will emerge from the Joyful Warrior Code with the Tools, Awareness, and Inspiration to experience your dreams made manifest in physical form.
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Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass
In this one short session, you will learn how to Uncover the 3 Tools You Can Utilize Right Now to Transform Any Challenge Or Obstacle Into Generative, Creative Fuel.
You will also Receive the 7 IMMUTABLE TRUTHS Known by Creative Masters – from shamans to CEO’s – that will allow you to Activate Your Full Power And Create The Extraordinary Life You Choose!
In this Free Micro-Masterclass you Will:
  • Discover the 3 Life-Changing Tools necessary to transform any challenge or difficult situation into a positively catalyzed force that propels you towards the realization of your desired Life.
  • Find out the practices implemented by masterful creators – from shamans to CEO’s – that will allow you to experience the Life that you choose.
  • Learn the 7 Immutable Truths that are the foundational principles necessary to tap into the universal well of infinite potential and possibility.
  • Uncover powerful human technology that you can utilize at any time you want to turn fear into fuel.
  • Receive life-changing guidance and teachings that can be applied in all aspects of your Life, including personal health and wellbeing, finances, relationships, career, family, and everything else that is important to you.
The Joyful Warrior Code is an interactive 13-week guided course made to help you fearlessly create a truly inspired life.
Eron Zehavi will be your guide on this individual and collective journey to Remember, Reconnect, and Reactivate.
This course is designed to light the spark of your divinity and full potential, permanently awakening and igniting the loving, inspired, Creative Force that you are. As part of your enrollment in the Joyful Warrior Code, each week you will have access to exclusive content and live interactions with powerful leaders, teachers, and influencers who embody the essence of the Joyful Warrior. These activated and illuminated creators have inspired and influenced millions of people around the world with their teachings and wisdom, and they are here together in one program, available for direct interaction with you, every single week.
For 13 weeks, the Joyful Warrior Code will be your guide in an individual and collective journey to Remember, Reconnect, and Reactivate:
  • Your infinite Source of power to create the Life you want for your Self, regardless of any circumstance or condition
  • Your unique set of skills, talents, quirks, and perspectives that collectively have never before, nor will ever again, be replicated in the Universe
  • Your dreams, desires, visions, and inspiration that call you forward and light you up
  • Your ability to align your heart and mind in full cohesion to create your Life in a way that nourishes all aspects of you and those that you love
  • Your sovereign ability to choose how you experience the world, shifting you from victim to Creator of your Life
Contributing Illuminators
Bryant Wood
Shira Lazar
Dr Clint Rogers
Dr Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer
Jan Broberg
Barry Shore
Allison H Larsen
Sam Morris
Sat Devbir Singh
Anahata Holly Hallowell
Andrew Skinner
Anne-Tyler Harshbargar