Mindfulness & Meditation Summit

Cultivate Courage, Self-Compassion
& Inner Peace as a Daily Practice

Tue. May 19 – Fri. May 22

Free Online Summit Hosted by Deborah Eden Hull,
Kaira Jewel Lingo, Nick Mattos
Featuring 25+ Speakers Joanna Macy, Ruth King, Mark Coleman, Pamela Weiss, Dr Larry Ward, Amma Thanasanti, Suzanne Bryant, La Sarmiento, Pascal Auclair and many more
Do you find it difficult to embrace the discomfort of the unknown?
How are you relating to the prevailing, almost hypnotic tendency toward worry, overthinking, and fear?
It’s fairly common to want guarantees and certainty in life… to try to force specific outcomes… to be anxious about what may come. Yet, these difficult states of mind can breed tremendous stress and pain in the emotional, physical, and mental realms of your being, and may lead to insomnia, headaches, and a host of other physical and psychological ailments.
Abiding in the crucible of the unknown is at the heart of many Eastern spiritual teachings, and is the essence of becoming a spiritual warrior.
The Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
Embracing the unknown through heart-centered awareness can be a much-needed grounding and therapeutic practice — especially now when the present is so challenging and the future so uncertain.
Yet, you can become a spiritual warrior and heartfully embrace the unknown.
What would it take to experience a pure or clear mind — a mind that knows how to let go and rest… a mind willing to relax into lush inner pastures of calm? And, going one step further, how could you increase your capacity for joy and courage, regardless of your circumstances or world events?
Rather than being an unattainable ideal that only a select few can reach, joyfulness and courage can be nurtured by simple shifts in your frame of reference, and a gentle commitment to consistent mindfulness practice.
During this timely summit, you’ll receive teachings from a diverse assembly of speakers representing the numerous paths and traditions under the large umbrella of mindfulness and meditation.
They’ll be sharing ways that mindfulness and meditation can vastly impact your mental and emotional wellbeing, increase your ability to stay centered and at peace, and bolster your innate resources for navigating disturbing or difficult experiences.
During the Mindfulness & Meditation Summit, a convergence of leading guides, practitioners, and teachers will equip you with time-honored methods to become a strong and stable meditator.
They’ll offer a stream of practical, fortifying, and simple insights for living a more present, centered, peaceful, and compassionate life.
Whether you’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for years, or you’re just starting out, you’ll receive profoundly life-enhancing transmissions you can benefit from right away.
Anchor in the ‘Ground of Being’ and Restore Peace & Confidence
What an interesting time to try to clear your mind… in the midst of the torrential downpour of information, conflicting opinions, and general noise we hear these days, all of which contribute to fear and upset.
What if you could use this unusual global pause to reclaim your own mind’s natural state of ease?
Does it mean you ignore the news? Pretend like tragic things don’t happen? Not at all. But you can choose to focus your mind in ways that affect your inner landscape and bring you to a state of grace.
Seasoned meditators will tell you that the practice of becoming present and abiding in the NOW never gets old or becomes irrelevant — and that the results you’re seeking depend on your gentle daily tending, much like a garden, so you can stay healthy and whole. Over time, you’ll find that less and less in your inner or outer world has the power to disturb or preoccupy you.
During this 4-day journey into mindfulness and meditation, you’ll return again and again to the deep well of wisdom… to be reminded of your core nature, the part of you that’s vast and timeless.
Our remarkable speakers, representing a wide variety of wisdom traditions, will provide timely (and timeless) insights, inspiring stories, and practical teachings that hold keys to transforming relationships, social structures, and humanity’s engagement with the planet.
You’ll hear inspiring personal stories from each speaker about how the power of mindfulness changed their lives. And, they’ll share unique examples of how mindfulness is being used to heal personal, cultural, and racial trauma.
You’ll learn to access your innate, authentic way of being in the world, embodying compassion, courage, and presence with every action.
Become a Resilience Practitioner & Increase Your Capacity for Joy
Sometimes it’s that one unsettling comment, an unexpected tragedy, or an upsetting piece of information that sets the mind racing into turbulence and agitation, toppling the balance of your entire system.
That’s when your mindfulness and meditation training can help keep you grounded in equanimity, spaciousness, and the capacity to accept what is.
While there are many ways to get thrown off center, there are just as many ways to practice gradually building up your core resiliency over time. Meditation and mindfulness assist you in “practicing presence”— becoming skilled at shifting from states of feeling powerless to states of surrender and openness.