New Paradigm Medical Device using the power of Healing Frequencies

“If you want to understand the Universe, try to understand it in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency.”Nikola Tesla
The Healy is a wearable device that uses microcurrent
and Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) to promote
your health and vitality and overall well-being.
WATCH the informative video below!
 WATCH the informative video above!
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HEALY is the first holistic wearable frequency device
that can analyze (body, health, emotions)
and use selective frequency programs to help you
in the most important areas of your life.
Healy is a smartphone controlled wearable made in Germany that offers over 120 programs to energetically support you mentally and physically.
  • Healy has been evolving for 12+ years and is in use by over 2,000+ practitioners, 48,000+ patients and 5 00,000+ cases.
  • 144,000 FREQUENCIES
  • If you can think of a frequency, Healy has it – everything from supporting mental balance, stress, sleep, concentration, meridians, chakras, protection, muscles, skin, performance… to name a few.
  • You don’t have to hit or miss when it comes to your health. Healy sensors find the right Healy frequency programs for you.
Healy analyzes the frequencies you need right now. Then the technology analyzes your bio-energetic field in real time via a *quantum sensor” and generates micro-current frequencies which promote homeostasis and cellular regeneration. 
The smart wearable applies the subtle currents and individual frequencies to your body by its electrodes. It strengthens your balance and harmonized imbalances. Healy offers over 120 programs to provide energetically support for you, your body and for your cells. Every single cell in our body is a small power plant that constantly produces energy. One thing that is particular important for this the natural cell membrane voltage and this is where the Healy comes in. Healy programs help rebalance your cells. Healy has programs for many applications to support many areas of your life. It can support relaxation if you have a headache or back pain but also for learning concentration or exams. The programs can support mental balance as in sleep and stress, and in sports, Healy can support performance, muscles and regeneration.

Electrical microcurrents are able to penetrate the cell wall and re-establish normal cellular activity where there has been injury to the cells and resulting tissue due to physical trauma and environmental and/or internal toxins. Injured cells results in inflammation which resists the body’s natural electric current, thus blocking the absorption of blood, oxygen, and nutrients needed for healing.

When FSM is applied to inflamed cells, there is in increase in:
  • ATP by 500%
  • protein synthesis
  • oxygenation
  • ion exchange
  • absorption of nutrients
  • elimination of cellular waste products
Microcurrent Frequencies restore homeostasis and healthy cell metabolism, thereby normalizing cell activity and reduced inflammation, resulting in a healthy, pain free internal environment and increase in energy. Penetrates inflamed cells, restores essential blood (oxygen and nutrient) supply and removal of cell waste (toxins), and allows for the restoration of healthy functioning cells.!”


“Healy devices have been used on nearly every client over the last 2 months. Due to societal factors, physical pain and emotional stress in clients are mostly extreme. They receive Healy programs during a myofascial or scar release session. To say its a game changer is an understatement. Results; It has been instrumental in reducing/eliminating pain, relaxing connective tissue & nervous system, feeling inner well-being which helps conditions improve long after the session and improving sleep. I’m thrilled with what I’m witnessing!” 
Ananda Fierro, LMT, CMT
Quantum Health Solutions
Healy Frequency Therapy, Scar Release Therapy, Massage: Neuromuscular/Myofascial