You are currently viewing DAY 2: Between the Paws of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid! 

DAY 2: Between the Paws of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid! 

The journey begins and the mystery grows! Today we activated spiritual transmissions as we held sacred space between the Paws of the Sphinx. We also experienced deep energetic activations and information in the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber. I share all about it in this post!

We are staying at the Mena House in Cairo, which is the number one hotel to stay in Egypt, if you want to be right next to the Giza Pyramids. Originally built in 1886, it is now a five-star hotel, which is extremely comfortable and beautiful with a view of the 3 Pyramids. We’ve actually got 100 people on this tour that are part of the Stargate community and they are mostly women! So I feel like I’m also on a deep sacred journey with the divine feminine as well.

But the bottom line I’m hearing from the guides of the spiritual journey from Prageet & Julianne of Stargate through their spiritual guide Alcazar, and from Viviane Chauvet who is in Arcturian Hybrid, is that we are here specifically for these times. We are here to help raise the energy and the frequency of these sacred sites as well as within ourselves and everyone on the planet.

We are told that humanity is ready now as people are waking up all over the world. Yes, that’s just a small goal! 😉

They shared in these transmissions that in the past, the pyramids, monuments, and sacred temples of Egypt’s were major healing and activation centers, chambers and portals. The Egyptians and Atlanteans were much more evolved spiritually and technologically than we realize and are now. They utilized these sacred monuments as healing and activation centers. The monuments were also there for other important reasons, such as to balance and activate the planet and the human collective who incarnated during those times.

If you look beyond what current history has declared, it is obvious that we do not currently have the skills or expertise now to build these monuments, including the Giza Pyramid and the huge temples and monuments all throughout Egypt. So it is common sense that they had other advanced technology that assisted in this process. New Paradigm archaeologists and researchers like Graham Hancock and John Anthony West say, many of these monoliths still standing are much older than our current history states. They can prove, for example, that the Sphinx was definitely constructed over 9600 years ago. They know this because of the visible watermarks on the Sphinx which show that it was standing when the Sahara Desert was lush and filled with water. And whether that was 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 years ago is still to be determined.

There are many unknowns about the incredible monoliths of Egypt, but what is clear is, what they created is beyond our current modern capacity. Many researchers have implied that there are strong indications of humanity having been supported by Galactic civilizations with advanced technology. In the Temple of Karnak for example, where we will be going in a few days, there is documentation of UFO’s on the walls! “UFO Disclosure” is finally starting to be taken seriously in our modern civilization after being hidden for so many years, like all the other truths that are being exposed now. More and more is continuing to be revealed.

What is being shared through spiritual channeling and transmission on this trip is that over the last many thousands of years, humanity has been in a state of descent for many reasons. We are discovering more and more every day how previous civilizations had higher technological capacities with which we operated our society. This is also corroborated in Sacred Scripture, channeling, and other spiritual and ministry teachings. But what is clear now is that we are coming to a time where the human collective has the chance along with Mama Gaia to ascend to its next level of evolution in consciousness and being. This is our “Personal and Planetary Ascension”.

The Guides of this trip have said it is time for these sacred centers on earth to come into full activated empowerment again to help the planet and humanity. That is part of why we are going to Egypt now. 

Pretty wild!

I’ve also heard this from other spiritual teachers who are now going to sacred sites all over the planet to do deep healing and activations. This is not a one-off project but something that spiritual leaders and communities are being called to do.


We received special permission through the facilitation of our guide Mohammed of Saba Tours to go between “PAWS of the SPHINX”. Normally you can only walk above and around the Sphinx and you can never get near it. Our special opportunity was specifically arranged so we could support activating the Sphinx towards coming back to its original power.

We were told that in its heyday, people would come from all over to be with the Sphinx as a form of healing and spiritual activation. Also New Paradigm researchers share that there are actually two sphinxes, and that the other one is still buried on the other side of the Giza Plateau, to be revealed and activated when the time is right. 

ALSO they are now digging under the Sphinx and finding many new chambers and tunnels in alignment with the Edgar Casey prophecies. Casey wrote that at some point, we will find the “Hall of Records” under the paws of the Sphinx when humanity is ready to receive that information. This is another big piece.

Fifty people sat in prayer and focus as Alcazar from the Stargate and Viviane Chauvet gave energetic and information transmissions of what was going on. It was amazing. Viviane brought in her Arcturian family on the inner planes to guide and support us. We were experiencing strong energetic transmissions throughout the whole group. She shared that major codes were being transmitted to support activation of the Sphinx. I know it sounds pretty wild! I am just sharing with you the honest truth of what I experienced.


That night, we went into the King’s Chamber for another activation experience. Viviane could not go in the pyramid that night. I will explain why this happened. Being an Arcturian Hybrid. She was conceived with an Arcturian father and a human mother specifically for these times to support the Ascension. I know that seems pretty wild, but I have known her for about 7 years and witnessed this truth. She is very connected with her Arcturian family at all times in her life. They give her teachings and healings for these times, and always support her during spiritual transmissions.

Getting up to the King’s chamber in the Giza pyramid is quite an ordeal. It is an uphill climb. For a large part of it, you have to squat because the connecting tunnel is only about 4 1/2 feet. And there is less oxygen in there.

Viviane started to come up, but her Arcturian family said it was not safe for her because she has a fragile body from being a hybrid of Arcturian in a human body. So she stayed outside the pyramid. But from there, she still guided our activation and transmissions and got huge insight during this process. During activation, she saw the pyramid light up with energy going from the bottom and spouting out all the way out of the top and through the whole pyramid. She shared we have accomplished a first level of activating the pyramid.

Then we went to the Queen’s Chamber which is also a prominent healing space in the Giza pyramid complex where spiritual initiations were given in the past. We went into meditation with the Divine Feminine. Then Michelle who channels Isis spoke up. We had Isis come to us in the Queen’s Chamber. Basically Isis shared that this is the time for humanity to be empowered again, and especially the women. It was an affirmation of what we all know—that women are now coming back into their Divine Empowerment. And Isis is still here to support on all levels.

You can see from this post that in my reality, Day Two was a pretty awesome experience! Tomorrow, we fly down to Luxor. We will visit Luxor and then the Abydos Temple, where we will have a private experience in the Osirian Temple. This temple is the place where researchers first found the flower of life symbol.

I think we are off to a good start!

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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