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DAY 3: Prioritizing the Divine Perspective and Taking Inspired Action

DAY 3 of my Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt is a day of MORE major travel. The overarching energies of the day are: experiencing that we are all very Human, and being tested to prioritize “Divine Perspective and Action.”

When you commit to a spiritual journey, it starts as soon as you make that decision to go. Everything that happens after that moment including how you understand, experience and take action for and during your trip, informs and supports all the spiritual insights you will receive from your journey.

This includes dealing with all the doubts and challenges after making that decision. For me, these doubts included:

1) How can I take 2 weeks of my wonderfully very full and complex life and devote it to my spirituality and mission?

2) Should I really be spending this very large amount of money on myself and my mission, instead of practical things that I really need those resources for now?

3) Am I really being guided to invest all that it takes to make this journey, and is this really what I’m supposed to do?

Of course, this dynamic questioning from the ego-mind, and the opportunity to instead call in Divine Perspective and Action runs through every moment in life—because ALL of life is a spiritual journey. The energy intensifies when you make a commitment such as this, with a specific purpose to elevate your consciousness and life experience while expanding your mission and personal divine evolution. So you just raised the bar.

A spiritual journey is not necessarily about it being easy! It brings up everything in your path that can inspire growth, which can include lots of challenges. But living in Divine Perspective and Action can make the journey much easier. I will explain.

My journey began with waking up at 2 am on the day I began my trip, which was much earlier than I should have gotten up, mostly because of my excitement for the trip. I physically left for my home at 8 AM that day, and then experienced 26 hours of travel with very little sleep,= until I got to the Mena House Hotel near the Giza Pyramids. Then on Day 2, we took off immediately for major spiritual adventures and activations with the Sphinx and the Pyramid, which I shared about in my previous post.

On Day 3, we had to get up at 4 AM to prepare to get on the bus at 5 AM in order to make a plane flight leaving at 8 AM to Luxor. The tour includes traveling with 100 other spiritual seekers. The majority are women with a few brave and beautiful men.

When you add up:

  • major intense preparation for the trip including ensuring you bring everything you need for two weeks in only a couple of suitcases
  • very long travel times with little sleep
  • having to let go of control of your schedule because you’re on a tour
  • and then, add jet lag…

…you’ve got the makings of a wonderful SPIRITUAL TEST.

The area of Luxor in Egypt is amazing. It is one of my favorite places in the world. We landed on a hotel resort on an island called the Jolie Ville Hotel, which was very beautiful. It was right on the Nile River with exotically landscaped gardens and had all that one would need. So in truth, when you pause and live in the present moment, everything is wonderful. When you are totally exhausted, that increases the potential for the ego-mind to go into deep Negative Thinking.

We’re at a moment that seems ripe with life’s challenges (especially now for all of us during this radical time in the world). Add also traveling with the idiosyncrasies of 100 people (most of who you don’t know) and believe me, “your stuff can come up.” The stuff I’m talking about is self doubt, fear, negative beliefs, plus false projections and perspectives. 

But this set of challenges can be incredibly fertile ground for your spiritual journey.

For me, I was feeling sick and totally exhausted on Day 3. This inspired a whole slew of self doubt thoughts such as:

1) “Why in the world am I on this trip? Was this really the right decision to come on this trip?”
2) “I can’t afford this trip and shouldn’t have spent all that money”
3) “What about all the other deadlines and projects I’m supposed to be working on. I’m not being responsible or holding it together”, and
4) “Are we really on Spiritual Mission, or is this all a Collective Illusion?”

My goal on the spiritual journey, and actually for all of life, is to consistently leverage the power of Divine Perspective and Action. This means stepping outside of ego-mind to see yourself from the outside so you don’t continue to identify with those negative perspectives. Instead, you use self-awareness to step outside of those negative and limiting thoughts, and not have them take hold of reality. If I don’t leverage Divine Perspective and Action, I would end up manifesting exactly what I’m thinking, and what I don’t want.

It is not always easy when you’re exhausted, because you can more easily experience and be controlled by unconscious perspective and action, where your lower perspective and thoughts take charge and lead the way. You can see this when you witness how the masses of humanity live inspired by fear and negative thinking a lot of the time. We can witness people believing their negative programming, giving power to their limiting and negative beliefs, and manifesting exactly what they don’t want.

But instead, the goal is to realize that those negative perspectives are part of my lower self, my limited beliefs, and core wounding. I have personally done a lot of work over the years in this lifetime to become aware of when those parts myself get activated. I practice not letting them take control and run the show. Instead, I love and acknowledge them, and choose a different perspective—the Divine Perspective and Action. This is where life experience turns into fertile ground to plant new seeds of higher consciousness and manifest the most optimum life reality.

My top solution in situations like this is always Radical Self Care through vital nourishment, deep rest, self-love, and just giving myself a break. This is really a key to support handling challenges in any life and spiritual journey… to give the body, mind and spirit time to rejuvenate and allow the inner powerful life force and connection with the divine vision and source comes back.

So after allowing myself to spend some time just relaxing at the pool, getting some good sleep and recalibration, I got up early with my sense of ‘center’ and my Divine Perspective and Action back in tack. I sealed the deal with a morning meditation focusing on deep gratitude at all levels of my reality and experience.

This process has been acknowledged in a few of the tips in my booklet Ascension Tips book in the section “Stage II” called “Complete Transmutation”. That is to say, all that I’m sharing about in this post is truly part of the Ascension Journey.

The Ascension Tips are the top tips I’ve learned from many Ascension teachers and through deep life experience, both of which have provided a road map for Ascension. The simple booklet includes 88 tips that easily and simply inform you on your path toward your own Ascension Journey.

You can download the Ascension Tips booklet for FREE at:

At the end of Day 3, we experienced a Stargate Meditation, which is where do a deep expanded meditation with the Stargate and the multidimensional group Alcazar, as channeled by Prageet & Julianne. On this occasion, we were also blessed with the guidance of Viviane Chauvet, who is an Arcturian Hybrid . This meditation experience offers incredible high level information and inspiration, and inspires deep inner insight, wisdom, and Spiritual Presence within.

Each guide spoke to what I’m sharing in this post, because  ALL 100 of us were going through the exact same types of challenging experiences.

I am looking forward to Day 4 where we will go to two of my favorite places in this part of Egypt, the Luxor Temple and Dendera Temple of the Hathors.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

P.S. I will also be posting these Egypt reports and photos of our mystical journey on my profile on Facebook and Instagram.

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