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Hidden Spots in Crete

Lessons to “Lighten Up”

UGHHH – Yes! I’m going with 10 Goddesses in a van on “spiritual pilgrimage and adventure” to explore the island of Crete, and then to Delphi in Greece, to discover what it has to share of the Divine Feminine that’s emerging again NOW and through us all. But one suitcase? UGHHH! Goddesses are not used to traveling light. But I guess this is the 1st lesson in this pilgrimage… is to “lighten up”, not be attached to all my stuff, and going with what is. So along with working with the hundreds of balls that I juggle consistently in my life and business, and learning how to keep them levitated in the air while I’m going to take this 2 week amazing trip, I am being forced to condense my reality into one suitcase. Both feats are a brain and soul twister, but it’s what I signed up for. And I’m excited!

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