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Day #2 – Knossos Palace

Day #2 – of my Spiritual Adventure on the Island Create –Knossos Palace. It s the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and has been called Europe’s oldest city. The palace of Knossos became the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilization and culture. We had an amazing guide that shared with us the cultural and societal history as it is understood. She again impressed how the women and the feminine principle was highly valued in this culture. The women held many places of power in the government and in the religion. I posted an actual picture of it and then an artists redention.

And the Minoan culture achieved 2000 years of peace and harmony. So instead of investing energy in conquering other people to achieve their wealth, they developed their own society with art, spirit and ceremony, and quality of life, and through that achieved much abundance. 

And we learned that the society as a whole deeply honored nature and Mother Earth, and a lot of their spirituality and focus was to be in “harmony with nature”. And we were also told that the men really honored the women, because they understood that women were deeply connected with in tune with nature, and their guidance and leadership could keep them aligned with nature. 

Sounds familiar doesn’t it, like a lot of us who would love to welcome back the femine priciple of leadership in own world now. What if the resource of all our community energy went into healing, growing and developing our society, instead of being siphoned off for the military and other types of expenses?

It’s so synchronistic now, as many of us in our society are taking a stand to see that happen especially with so many women presidents running, including the amazing Marianne Williamson, sharing how we could really create a different society through basically honoring the feminine principle in our leadership. She talks about the wholistic healing of the fuctioning of our society, investing in our children, and all those that have not got a fair hand in how we operate, including the past racism, and not squandering our resources on unnecessary expenses designed to fill the pockets of a few, etc., etc, etc.

Tomorrow we go to a very sacred place in the center of the island where the priestesses gathered, and potentially to some of the birthing caves. I will report back. Much love.

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