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The Sacred Divine Feminine of Crete

Day #4 – More exploring of Sacred Divine Feminine History and Culture of island Crete, including the fine things of Greece such as the BEACHES, and more and more good FOOD. We got to explore another site of the ancient ruins of another city complex/ceremonial site of Malia. It’s not as big or as restored as Knossos, but still as important. We witnessed huge vases and the “offering table”, as well as what was probably the central community gathering space, and the stone outlines of what would be important central offices, homes and storage areas. This was a beautiful location with large mountain on one side, the beaches on the other, and it probably spread out a long ways along the coast. And still there was again evidenced that the “feminine” was highly honored in this culture.

And then we dived into the current culture of island of Crete in Greece, which is also extremely wonderful and amazing. It’s a very beautiful country, clean & stylish, and you can see that they value the fine things in life, similar to other Mediterranean countries. This includes lots of yummy FOOD, enjoying life such as the beaches, gathering together in the cafes, and taking their afternoon rest so they can stay up at night to eat, drink have a good time with family and friends.

After visiting Malia we went to experience the sea, the warm sun, and hanging out bathing suits! My picture shows some of the 10 women on this adventure together, who are all connected on this journey as Priestesses of Isis. Even though we all didn’t know each other previously, we are starting to get to know each other very well, in all ways, as you can imagine! We are staying in the Air B&B Villa with 5 bedrooms, a beautiful swimming pool, and a cook who creates a full course breakfast every morning.

After the beach we went to a port town, Calypsos, which was busy and bustling with many tourists, that you can see love that area. We went to a wonderful café near the large lagoon/lake in town. It’s a tradition that they bring out and show you the fish you’re going to eat, I am assuming so you can approve and you can have a positive relationship with it! So we had another amazing meal. Luckily for me the food is mostly vegetables and protein which is what I eat mostly anyways, so luckily I’m doing okay!

This area is known also for an ancient archaeological site on an island called Spinalago, which in recent history housed a leper colony. You can actually take a boat over and visit the island, but for now we enjoyed just witnessing it from the seaside.

And I can see now why so many people come to island of Crete, with the amazingly beautiful seascapes, warm weather May – October, and beautiful villas hanging off the cliffs of the mountains near the sea.

We are now headed up to the Greek village in the mountains in the center of the country to stay with some Greek families for the authentic Greek experience, instead of the tourist route. We will dine late tonight and party together with music, dancing, and I am anticipating lots of laughter into the night. No Internet is available, but for me that’s probably a good thing. Much love.

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