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The WOW’s Begin

The WOW’s are beginning now on my “spiritual pilgrimage and adventure trip” to the island of Crete. Yesterday we went to the museum and Heraklion in Crete, which is the main larger city that you enter the island on. And we really got to drop into what’s known about the Minoan culture that ruled with the highest value of “Harmony and Peace” for around 2000 years around 2000 BC. And they did this by giving the women prominent positions in government and religious practice, which was a strong part of their life. And they totally honored the Goddess on many levels, as you can see me with a statue of Isis in the museum.

And because of this the energy of the society, instead of going into conquering other people’s, or having the resources go primarily to the top echelon of society, it went into quality of life for the whole society, such as art, community, healing and much more. So to immerse ourselves in that reality, we went to a local ceramic shop and became artists ourselves and created for ourselves a representative of the Minoan Goddess that is so famous and was shown in the museum. And it was amazing what can happen when you allow the artist to come alive in you and channeled through as a group of 10 women, and for ourselves.

deTracy Regula is the master Crete and Eyptions scholar and priestess who is guiding this trip and has written several books on all of this. Such a blessing to be on this trip wi hther. And tomorrow we go to the major complex/palace of Knossos.

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