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A day to Pause… Reflect on my Group… Then Travel back to Cairo

Today we leave the Afandina boat  in the amazing town of Luxor, Egypt and end our magical journey cruising on Egyptmapthe Nile. We fly to Cairo to begin the last 3rd portion of our journey. It’s good to have a day to pause and just be in “normal reality” as a traveler, having had such outrages and deep ongoing extraordinary Spiritual Adventures. Our group stays together most of the day to accomplish the journey.

And it’s amazing to reflect on the magic of our group. We are all very different in personality, personal focus, and how we do life, but there’s a common spiritual bond that we are highly committed to that which has brought us together to receive the gift of this magical Spiritual Adventure Journey. We also laugh a lot, and actually we laugh consistently, which is really, really good considering we are also in ongoing deep spiritual focus, transmissions, and receiving what we all have come here to receive.

P1010019We have received invaluable support and guidance of Mohammed Nazmy, owner of Quest Travels, to make sure our comfort, safety, and ease in travel is handled. He is also seen to it that we have the best schedule to gracefully see the most important spiritual sites. Not only does our journey includes private visits to the temples and sites, but most of the time visiting the sites, we have been the only people there! This is accomplished by Quest Travel getting us there at the best time to visit the sites, and also unfortunately because there are very few travelers in Egypt due to the negative media reports. I’m sure you know like me, not to always believe the media, but it’s hard to know what’s true, when you’re not in the country.egyptian_women

I had a lot of my friends eyes bug out when I shared with them I was going to Egypt, and they warned me to be careful r even not to go. But of course I did not let the media fear stop me, because I tuned in to my spirit, and I knew I needed to be here now. And now as I’m here and I talked to the Egyptian people, I find the media has blown this danger up way out of proportion. It is similar to the appearance that there is overall in media strategy, that seems to have an underlying result in creating fear in our world. And of course, anything can happen any time, any place in the world, and P1000632definitely including in America.

But my experience here is that the people of Egypt are wonderful, and they appreciate and they are kind and respectful to Americans. Here I am with a group of children that were more then thrilled to take a picture with our group.Tourism is the #2 industry in Egypt, so we tourists are treated wonderfully everywhere we go. So if you follow practical safety guidelines, just like when you travel anywhere else in the world, you will find it is safe. So if you have felt inspired to go at some point in your life, I’m here and I can say it is a great time to go to Egypt!  And especially with Quest Travels!

And I want to give appreciation right now to my Spiritual Adventure Journey P1000534Travel Mates, and our amazing guide Amro Mounir. We are all characters in this story, each bringing a different element to create the magic.  Amro is an expert Egyptologist, but is also a spiritual seeker. So not only do we learn what’s currently known in the history of Egypt, we learn “beyond” what’s reported in the current history, as well as his interpretation of spiritual and metaphysical significance of the sacred sites. He’s also extremely entertaining and funny, so we laugh and see the lighter side of these very serious concepts and information.

Eunjung and her husband Yves, our amazing hosts and have done a lot to make sure this is a deep spiritual pilgrimage. Eunjung shares with us every day, the Stargate Meditations, which is a process P1010012that comes through her as a spiritual transmission. So we receive a deep inner journey each day, as well as the support and leadership during our visits to the sites and ceremonies in the temple. Leading spiritual adventure journeys it her Divine Mission, and I’m sure this trip has elevated her offerings and what she will do in the future to the next level. She lives in Denver, but consistently travels the world, P1010016following her passion of what she can offer next.

Anah is a joy to be with. Her life long commitment to her spiritual path and her passion for life parallels mine, so we have a lot that we connect on. She comes from Sedona and has many talents. The most beautiful thing about her is when she smiles at you and lights up your heart.

Elyra comes from Maui and has also been on the spiritual path her wholeP1010013 life. She lives in sweet, gentle flow and kindness emanates from her actions. She has come here to allow spirit to show her, her next offering to the world in alignment with her passion and divine mission.

Sandra is beautiful, deep spiritual seeker, who brought a lot of life and laughter to the group. She creates heart full connections easily and live life with passion. She loves world travel and it’s been on this journey for a month, P1010018being in South Africa before she joined us in Egypt. She comes from San Francisco. So I’m assuming our worlds will intersect a bit, from now on.

And we have declared we are siSTARS of the Rose, which we acknowledge as our sisterhood name/sect who have been brought together for this spiritual pilgrimage. And we have been told in guidance, through the transmissions of Eunjung, that have all come from different sources, but we are connected through the planet Venus and we agreed to come here at this time to activate the knowledge and the wisdom from our past lives in ancient Egypt, to be utilized for our current amazing times! And no matter what’s true, and where life takes us next, we will always have this special bond and love from this magical journey to Egypt.


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