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Meeting my Adventure Tribe

P1000045This morning I met with the 8 people that I am embarking on this exciting Spiritual Adventure Journey with, spending the next 14 days with, very intimately. Here we are after breakfast at the Mena House, with the Giza Pyramids in the background. I had not met any of them before except for on email and phone. It’s truly delightful to sense the soul connections with people you just meet, knowing that you are about to dive into a deep spiritual pilgrimage together, where your beings will be very different on the other side of the 14 days.

I also met our tour guide, Anru, who is a trained Egyptologist, but is also a deep metaphysician. So not only will we learn the history of Egypt, but we will gain his spiritual insights of what the Egyptian times and sacred sites are really about.

At breakfast I shared my intention of my trip with Mohamed, the warm and delightful owner of MihammedNazmyQuest Travel, who is handling our every needs. I told him I’d been to Egypt 30 years previously, and it was totally profound for me. But now I have come back as a whole new person, and that I intent to “ignite/bring online” my memories of the Ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt. His eyes glimmered with delight and he said “I totally understand what you’re speaking about”. He asked me “What was the sacred site that you resonated with most when you came to Egypt beore”. I said probably it was the Temple of Isis. He said “Okay! I am going to arrange that your group have a private 2 hour visit to the island where the Temple of Isis is, on New Year’s Day”. I have been told private showing of sacred sites usually takes many weeks/months to arrange (and I know typically thousands of dollars), but apparently after 50 years of this type of service to spiritual tourists and Egypt, Mohammed is well connected. This means our group can do focused ritual/prayers/meditation/dance/initiation ceremony or whatever calls us during that time. He said pray that all his communications get through. Wow, we’ll see what happens!