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Perfume Palace, My Spiritual Reading, I Feel Safe in Egypt

P1000145In the afternoon of the second day we went to visit the Sheik Abdul Perfumes Palace. This company produces the base of perfumes for prominent internationally known perfumes and has been in the family for 5 generations. They grow the flowers on hundreds of acres in Egypt and create very fine oils. These oils were amazing, and one sniff put me to a heavenly state.

We got to meet and learn from one of the master experts in the company, Gamal Abdel Sami Zaki. He shared about the oils that were most appropriate for bringing balance and healing to the Chakras. First chakra – Red Amber, second chakra – Musk, third chakra – Jasmine, fourth chakra – rose, fifth chakra – Amber, six chakra – Sandalwood, crown chakra – Lotus. My absolute favorite was Blue Lotus.

Gamal also was a very deep, beautiful spiritual man who easily saw auras and he did Spiritual Readings for us if we requested. He was pretty right on as he shared insights about each person in my group as they requested, revealing aspects they excelled in, and being very honest about shadow parts they needed to heal or be aware of.

He looked at me and said, “You are Egyptian and you’ve come back to reconnect with your memories of being here. You had various powers you are meant to utilize in this lifetime”. Of course my eyes bugged out, because that was the 4th spiritual reading I have had in the last 3 weeks, with similar information:  #1 Ascension Teacher: Meg Benedicte, #2 Spiritual Guide: Evalena Rose, and #3 Robin Alexis: who is a very multidimensional healer and spiritual guide. These readings gave me very in depth information about the spiritual purposes in my trip. So along with my own inner intuitions about this trip, I’m pretty sure SOMETHING IS UP!  I will share much more details about these readings in the “Spiritual Adventure Story” that I will write after my trip.

OldcairobazaarjpgThen we ventured out to downtown Cairo, through absolutely crazy traffic with no rules, no signals, no signs, but everyone just getting to where they need to go, however they can get there. And it is like that all the time, except for maybe between 2 am and 6 am.

Unfortunately there were very little tourists supporting the shops downtown. The negative media has hit Egyptian Tourism very badly and the Egyptian people are suffering since tourism is their #2 industry. But my experience in Egypt now is very peaceful, very safe, and the Egyptian people are very wonderful. It’s actually a great time to travel to Egypt cairotrafficbecause they are so appreciative and welcoming and no crowds. So I say come if you are called!

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