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Spiritual Adventure: Ready to Fly

I am now getting ready to leave on Saturday, Dec. 26. Very exciting! This for me is a Spiritual Adventure Journey, that started 6 months ago in a mediation that I had where Isis  got very present. I saw wings, and then I got the idea that maybe my next Adventure Trip should be to go back to Egypt. Then two days later this amazing group’s trip ended up in my Inbox! And there has been one synchronicity after the next synchronicity, nonstop.

Why I am going on this spiritual adventure…

Spiritual Adventure - My Trip to Egypt- Dec. 26-Jan. 12
My Trip to Egypt- Dec. 26-Jan. 12

Through additional meditations and multiple spiritual readings with very high level spiritual guides I have gotten clear that I’m going back to the homeland to reignite or more accurately bring online the memories and powers of the Ancient Mysteries Schools during the high points in Egypt. And I was told much more that all resonated with me. WOW!

And to be honest with you, the challenge of getting ready to be gone for 2.5 weeks, taking care of all my business, packing and getting ready to travel in a foreign country, and then participating in the hecticness in this strange modern ritual we call the “holidays”, has been exhausting and very difficult. So I am not sure of  anything right now. But I am pausing for a moment now, being grateful for this opportunity and beginning to share my spiritual adventure with you.  This evening, I will land in Cairo, and spend a few days visiting the Egyptian Museum and the Sphinx, then fly down to Aswan Dam, where we will get on a boat and float down the Nile visiting and doing ritual in all the sacred sites, until we get to the Giza Pyramid for an Initiation Ritual.

pyramids-of-Sirius-copyright-1024x768I plan to be very transparent and real, sharing this journey with you, because I take this spiritual adventure for all of us. We are in very radical, evolutionary escalating times, and we can all bring online the memories and the powers that we’ve accomplished through our total lineage to help us understand and manifest all that we feel is our Divine Mission. And have a great adventure doing so! The time is now to step up, in whatever is ours to do, for ourselves, for our community, and for this Ascending Planet. Much love…

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