You are currently viewing Stargate Meditation #5 with “Special Transmission” from Temple of Salomea

Stargate Meditation #5 with “Special Transmission” from Temple of Salomea

StargateOne aspect of the immense magic of this sacred journey that I am on, is the Stargate Meditations that we do together every day, led by our hosts Eunjung and Yves. During the Stargate Meditations we connect each day progressively, with each 12 star constellation of the Zodiac and activate the deeper quality and essence of the specific Stargate within our own map of cosmic consciousness. This is based on the Thoth teachings channeled by Maia, and expanded upon by channeling from Eunjung during the meditation. By completing these 12 Stargate Activations, we are preparing to birth the 13th Stargate, which is the New Earth Star.  We are doing it for ourselves and also doing it for the collective.

In the evening, after our amazing morning Sacred Ritual at the Altar of the Temple of Isis, and our afternoon to the Temple of Kom Ombo, we enjoyed a delicious evening meal, and then went to the back deck of the Afandina Boat for our meditation. It was dark and cool, but we all snuggled up in blankets to journey together into the Stargate Meditation #5.

Yves let us in some breathing meditations to begin with so that we could ground and center. And then Eunjung led the meditation, beginning with the orientation for the #5 Stargate Meditation, and then went into a deep Transmission.  Eunjung is also a gifted Divine Channel, and what she transmitted this evening was beyond any transmission she had offered so far in the group. It was very significant in regards my intentions of reclaiming my memories and powers of the Ancient Sacred Mystery Schools and highlighted the purpose of why our group came together for this amazing spiritual adventure.

Thoth-the-ancient-Egyptian-god-of-wisdomEunjung began speaking to the group…

“This is the teaching of Thoth, and the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

Connect with the Lion energy and the Sphinx. We expand our heart energy with the Golden Diamond Energy, the Temple of Saloméa, that was forgotten by the failing priesthood of Amun Ra.

This temple is guarded by two lions, one golden lion and one silver lion. Imagine that you have traveled through the Golden star of Mazuriel, and you have arrived at the Golden Temple of Saloméa, who was the beautiful queen of universal wisdom.

2 LionsFeel the two Lions welcome you with their roar. Imagine standing to affirm the courage and authority of who you really are. Feel the roaring vibration enter into every cell of your body…”

Then Eunjung’s whole demeanor, voice and energy shifted. There was something else happening, some other transmission and energy coming through, and this is what was shared:

“Welcome Dear Ones…

We have been waiting for your arrival at the Temple of Saloméa. You are the priests and priestesses of this kingdom who served as the guardians of the truth. And you are returned to receive the Template of Adam Kadmon, the living hologram of the Divine Human. Within the roaring of the lions these keys are opened. Receive these codes of light. These keys are of this template.

There is a zeal point at the back of your neck that is opening. That is the portal to divine knowledge and wisdom. Feel this opening at the back of your neck.

adamkodman2Light comes through this portal and goes into the spinal column of your body. As these vibrations come in, they merge into your DNA, opening up and activating your DNA. You may feel sensations in your neck and throughout your whole body. Take a breath in and out.

Feel the support of the Star King and the Universal Mother of Isis. The template of Adam Kadmon has been infused and activated.  Now the gate of the Temple is open. As you enter you feel and experience brilliant light, of the Golden Star of Mazuriel. l and the source the Great Central Sun.

Breathe in this light opening the gateways, the portal. Breathe this into your body on all levels.


When you all returned to this planet at this time, you promised to bring forth these codes of knowledge and restore what has been damaged, back to its purity of the divine human template.

Many masters and many guardians on and off this planet are assisting each one of you as the Starlight Ambassadors. You each have your own counsel of light standing behind you to support your mission on the planet.

So on the auspicious day, you are awakening your own Template of this Light Body. The lions are also going to be guarding your path. These pair of lions will be standing on each side of you as you walk on your path, until you truly embody this Divine Human Light Template. They will be guarding your soul light, your soul mission.

Star Beings are watching over you as well in respect to your origin. Each one of you have different origins, but Venus is the one common star that is guiding you all.

Awaken to your Divine Gifts now.…

Chant all together 3 times…metatroncube

Haru Shea Quaa Mea

Haru Shea Quaa Mea

Haru Shea Quaa Mea”

There was a long pause in our group. We were definitely all in an altered state of WOW! As we came back to our 3-D realities, and were fairly speechless, yet we knew something significant had truly happened. It was clear that nothing else between us needed to happen that night, and gratefully we went to our cabins for a deep night of sleep, and most likely a continuation in our Dream World of what was shared in that Transmission.

Eunjung records all the meditations, so fortunately I was able to transcribe exactly what happened, and share with you word for word.  And Eunjung shares more: “Adam Kadmon” is an ancient qabballistic word for “universal man.” It is the template or design for the human being. As i understand the connection of the Divine Feminine to the Universal Man, it is SHE who envelopes the life-giving force field of the Kadmon template.”

Much more was share and I will go into depth when I write the complete story/ book of this Spiritual Adventure Journey. But for now, as I promised at the beginning of my blog, I am truly taking you with me on my Spiritual Adventure Journey!



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