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Visiting Kom Ombo and confronting my Shadow Self 

P1000309Traveling up the Nile, on the beautiful Afandina boat on Day 6, we visit Kom Ombo, the only dual temple in Egypt. The temples in Egypt are usually built in honor of one God or Goddess, but this dramatic Temple honors two. It is poised between the edge of the river and the encroaching desert sand, and was dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god of the dark/strength/fortitude, and Horus the hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris, and representing the light/divine/goodness. So this unusual double temple expresses the Egyptian’s understanding of the dual nature of reality… the duality of light/ dark, yin/yang, conscious/unconscious, shadow/divine.sobek

One of the most powerful places in Kom Ombo is the Seat of Neutrality, which is placed on the exact centerline between the two sides of the temple of the temple, one dedicated to Horus – representing divine/light and Sobek, representing the shadow/dark. The Goddess Maat  (an aspect of Isis)  is also shown  there as she represent the balance between the two.

This temple also has two altars next to each other in the back of the temple, both to Sobek and Horus. Anro, our amazing tour guide, points out a hole in the ground in between the two altars, and then points to another hole in the ground about 30 feet away between the two altars. He said if you go down there is a narrow tunnel barely big enough to crawl through. He said the significance of that passageway is that initiates horuswould get into the tunnel and crawl in this very narrow dark tunnel only the size of their body to the other side, as a practice of confronting their worst fears.  If they made it to the other side, it would signify them facing in conquering their deepest fears, not allowing those fears to stop them in life, and pushing through to embody a highly integrated, exalted self.

Anro reminds us of the personal spiritual significance of the purpose of this temple, and it strikes a chord of truth in what I observe of the spiritual path in our present everyday lives. He reminds us that if we don’t embrace our shadow selves, honor, accept and bring into balance the darkness, we cannot move forward on the spiritual path. Instead of denying and stuffing what we as experience as the negative parts of ourselves, which allows them to have power over us unconsciously, we need to confront accept and heal those parts. It’s only then when we accept and heal our shadow self, will we be able to integrate as a whole being, and raise to the higher frequencies that are available to us especially NOW. This sounds very familiar, as a current personal process and exploration with many who are deeply committed to spiritual evolution at this time.maat_02

So I take the opportunity to look inside and be honest with myself. At that moment I came to terms with the reality of one of my worst fears in coming to Egypt that is present in my being at that moment. The last time I came to Egypt 30 years ago, was also an amazing, evolutionary expanded journey, but due to the stress of getting my all my businesses in order to be able to leave for two weeks, my neck got locked up and I ended up being in lots of pain in my neck during most of the trip.shwdow-light

Getting ready for this current journey was similar, very stressful and hectic. Not only was I working nonstop to handle all my businesses, setting up my email announcements on Debra Recommends and Harmony Connections eNewsletter so that they could continue to go while I was gone, and packing for this unique 2 ½ week trip, it was also the Holidays!  Yes that crazy custom that inspires our culture goes wild with much activity, including being shopping crazy. I don’t participate in the shopping ritual anymore, but I do participate in many gatherings celebrating with friends and family, so it was important for me to make time for that.

And up to that point  of the trip, my worst fear was playing itself out. My neck was locked up and at that moment I felt really bad. And I was afraid that I would feel bad during this whole trip, similar to what happened last time, and I’m only into day 6 of 17 days. I had to admit the negative thoughts were having their way, carving into my deep experiences of bliss, fun, adventure that the trip was giving me. My negative thoughts were crucifying my experience, with thoughts such as:  “Truly this is one of the most awesome Spiritual Adventure Trips, that  I’ve had in my life, and here I am blowing it, with pain and discomfort in my neck!”

divineselfOkay enough – Let’s shift this reality now!

So I started to accept my discomfort, send love to it, and bring it into a relative perspective. I started expanding my awareness beyond my own personal comfort, and tuned into the people of Egypt, acknowledging challenges that they go through daily. I decided to give healing to Mohammed, the owner of Quest Travel, who is embracing his own healing recovery, that is way worse than a pain in the neck. I shared my experience of my neck discomfort with one of the sisters on the trip, just to let it go out of my space. And instead of running negative thoughts, I just allowed myself to be with it, accept it, and diffuse those negative thoughts.

And the truth is I woke up the next day without the severe discomfort in my neck. I was not feeling as bad!  It’s not perfect, and it still slightly uncomfortable, but then life on the 3-D plane is definitely not perfect anyway, so I am grateful.  I will experience the trip, not feeling bad, and not letting negative thoughts have their way, and just be present in the moment of this extreme gift that is coming to me now, in this amazing Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt.


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