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We are going to have a Private 2 Hour Experience in Temple of Isis!

Amro, our amazing tour guide, came over to me and shared, “Mohamed says he thinks he has gone through all the red tape, and it IsisPriestesslooks like there’s a good chance for us to have a private visit to the Temple of Isis tomorrow, New Year’s Eve Day, at 5 AM in the morning for 2 hours. He is waiting for one more security clearance!” .

All 5 women in my group on the trip shrieked at once, because we knew how special, how powerful, and how profound that would be to hold ritual/activation/ceremony at the most sacred altar at the Temple of Isis. This type of spiritual practice could not be done during normal public hours, with mainstream tourists walking in and out, and also it is not allowed. So we were absolutely thrilled!

We acknowledged that we were SISTARS of the Rose, and that we had agreed to come together at this time, to bring back the knowledge and the power of Ancient Egypt. Each of us has a special connection with Egypt, but we also realize how aligned together our connection is. And I know there are many other SISTARS and BROTHERS that feel this deep connection with Isis and Egypt. So I go there for all of us, bringing you all with me!

On the 3 hour bus ride back to our boat from Abu Simbel, I stayed in deep meditation, allowing high-frequency light energy to come into my energetic field, to prepare for this very special spiritual experience tomorrow on New Years Eve day. For me this opportunity is to be able to travel back in time, while in the present, and remember the experience and power that was created when our sacred Egyptian village dropped into deep sacred ritual and spiritual connection, at one of the most holy Divine Feminine Temples in Egypt.

Mohamed NazmyWe also find out that Mohammed Nazmy had spent 4 hours that day at the Department of Antiquity, going through all the necessary channels and utilizing all his special connections to make sure this special permission was granted in 48 hours. We were scheduled to go to the Isis Temple on New Year’s Eve Day. If he missed getting approval in 48 hours, there is no way we could have turned the boat back, having already gone past it heading down the Nile.

I am also finding out day by day what a special tour this is. Not just because of all the places we are going to, and the spiritual depth and information we get from our tour guide, Anro, but also from the special care we consistently receive from Mohammed, owner of Quest Travel, who has made sure everything about the trip is perfect to inspire our joy, wonder, comfort, healing, fun and deep spiritual experience.

We are also blessed by the gentle guidance of our hosts, Eunjung and Yves, who inspired and arranged this journey. Along with the P1000244visit to Egypt’s sacred sites, they provide a light structure of daily meditations to open 12 Stargates, personal check-ins to support the bonding of the group, and host co-creative ritual and spiritual drop-in throughout the trip. So the magic of what we are experiencing is the sum of 4 women who chose to go on the trip, the tour hosts  Eunjung and Yves, our tour guide Amro, and Mohammed.

At dinner it was announced that it was confirmed, WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE OF ISIS, leaving at 4:30 am tomorrow morning, and will be there privately from 5 AM – 7 AM, as the public comes in at 7 am. Our plan is to hold ceremony at the Holy of Holies, Sacred Altar at the Temple. WooooooHooooooo!


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