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Debra Giusti’s Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt!

debra giusti egyptegyptGreetings! I am Debra Giusti, the producer of Transformation Paradigm website, as well as the producer of Northern California’s Harmony Festival for 33 years, and Debra Recommends and Harmony Connections websites & eNewsltters. As part of my participation in our planetary co-evolution, I took a “Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt” – December 26January 12″, 2015-2016, to reclaim my ancient memories, information and abilities of the Mystery Schools and bring LIGHT to the currently troubled homeland. It was one of the most amazing trips I have taken, and everyday was a huge spiritual adventure of journeying through the Temples and having incredible metaphysical experiences. Everyday I blogged my life-changing journey and 3000 friends and spiritual community followed me. I invite you to read my daily blog below, by scrolling all the way to the bottom to start from the first day of my trip, and experience my total journey.