You are currently viewing Day 1: Debra’s 2023 Egypt Activations!

Day 1: Debra’s 2023 Egypt Activations!

I am beginning my travel to Egypt for a “12 Day Spiritual Journey” from September 18 to 30, 2023! I’ll be visiting all the major Pyramids and Temples of Egypt for revolutionary insights, potent activations, and deep evolutions. I am going with incredible guides, Prageet and Julianne of “The Stargate” and Viviane Chauvet who is an “Arcturian Hybrid”. And you’re welcome to join me on this journey through my blog, this page on Facebook and via my Instagram page! (See links at the end)

“Goddess Isis” greeted me at the airport as you can see from the photo here, as I would expect 🙂 I have been aligned with her very consciously and deeply since I was invited to become a Priestess of Isis in 2004, right after I produced the 25th annual Health and Harmony Festival. After that, I turned the festival into a group community project called the “Harmony Festival” which lasted for 33 years!

This is my third trip to Egypt. I was 33 on my first trip and it was a major wake-up call! The second trip was in 2015 with 5 women. We called ourselves the “Sisters of the Rose”. I have what feel like memories, or déjà vu of past lives and Egypt, and had major spiritual experiences related to this in the past. I am feeling very called to go to Egypt now, and I anticipate my trip will provide major revelations and personal evolution.

But I can honestly share with you that this was not an easy trip for me to accomplish, and was actually pretty difficult. I am already pretty maxed out with all my businesses and a very wonderfully complex life combined with stretched finances to support all that I do. But I felt very called to go this year, especially with those guides. So it has been quite a juggle to carve this timeout and get ready, while I had confusing thoughts like, “Why in the world am I doing this?”

Traveling to Egypt was also a bit stressful as international travel can be, which included being on the plane for 14 hours and waiting at the airport for seven hours. But I used the incubation time that happens with travel for the mandated pause that it is, to understand “why am I feeling called to go now?”

So many other people are being called to Egypt this year. I’ve heard many people say they’re going, and I’m seeing the multitude of tours. So it is true that masses of people are being called to go on spiritual journeys there! Why?

Also synchronistically, incredible revelations are continuing to come out in the collective, as Egyptian archaeologists are now investigating under the Sphinx and finding new rooms and tunnels. Edgar Casey and many other spiritual teachers have shared that when the time is right and humanity is ready, we will find the “Hall of Records” under the Sphinx. Various spiritual teachers and enlightened archaeologists have shared that the Giza Pyramid was much more than just a tomb—it was and still is a high “spiritual activation chamber”.

I am also now hearing from a variety of spiritual teachers that Egypt was initiated by the beings that fled Atlantis when it transitioned because of the flood. They brought a lot of powerful knowledge of Atlantis, so it is possible that Egypt had very advanced alternative technology like Atlantis, such as “crystalline-based technology”. Also, it is being shared that some of the Egyptian Temples and Monoliths including the Sphinx are way older than our current records and history books tell us. This is being revealed by incredible researchers like Graham Hancock and John Anthony West. So much is being revealed now!

I believe that we and our world are escalating towards an evolutionary jump, and this trip to Egypt might just hold keys that reveal and support this current evolution. Massive truths are coming out every day, not just to the few who pursue the truth, but all over the world in mainstream news. This include revelations of our true earth and cosmic history, disclosure about UFOs and extraterrestrial contact, what’s really going on behind the scenes in our society, the truth behind war, our very unstable economy, and also how policies of mass consumption are eating away at our planet and therefore jeopardizing our sustainable lives. And now there is concern around our future reality because of the rapid escalation of AI, and so much more.

It feels to me like we are in a similar stage of civilization as Atlantis. But do we have what it takes to do it right this time, and not end up with destruction?

It does look like the world is falling apart. There are so many practices humans have developed that are not sustainable, cooperative, or healthy and supportive of people and all life on earth.

But at the same time, the human collective is also escalating forward, as people are waking up all over the world. More and more people all over the world are realizing that a New Earth can be created with appropriate principles of ecological sustainability, where our massive earth resources are shared with all instead of just the elite few — and where love, compassion and harmony can rule instead of greed.

This cycle we are in now is known as the “Planetary Ascension”. And specifically, we are in the stage of PURIFICATION.

I believe Egypt has some keys and power which we can learn from in this current personal and planetary Ascension process, which is why I am going there.

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As of this writing, I have landed at the Mena House in Cairo which is one of the best hotels to stay at right next to the Giza pyramids. It is incredible. Tomorrow, we will be doing activations and channelings between the paws of the Sphinx, and we will go into the Giza pyramid by ourselves for more of the same. 

And I will report more soon.Much love!

Debra Giusti

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