Trauma Skills Summit

Join 24 Premier Teachers

Mon. Aug 17 – Wed. Aug 26
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10 Day Free online event Hosted by Jeffrey Rutstein, PsyD and Speakers Daniel J Siegel MD, Peter A Levine PhD, Justin Michael Williams, Ruth King, Lama Rod Owens, Elizabeth A Stanley Phd, Thomas Hübl and many more
Heal from the Effects of Trauma—for Yourself, the World and Generations to Come
Chances are you’ve been impacted by trauma—whether from early childhood experiences, a car accident, systemic inequality, or … a global pandemic.
And the impacts of trauma are as widespread as its many causes—including sleeping difficulties, panic attacks, chronic pain, flashbacks, relationship issues, shame, and ongoing grief, to name some of the most common ones.
If you identify with any of the following, this summit is sure to help …
For psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, therapists, nurses, healers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, and more, the Trauma Skills Summit will support you to help your clients (or patients) heal from all types of trauma—PTSD, developmental trauma, complex trauma, and more. You’ll be empowered with cutting-edge research and up-to-date skills to help them reclaim feelings of safety, purpose, and connection. You may also find personal benefit from one of the many speakers on our highly curated list of presenters.
Unresolved trauma can create an invisible prison that limits our vision for what’s possible in life. We put up walls to protect ourselves from further harm, yet these walls often perpetuate our struggles. In this summit, you’ll explore many different pathways back to wholeness, meaning, and connection. You’ll learn accessible practices that you can begin doing on your own right away, and discover new tools to explore with supportive practitioners. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn that it is possible to live and love life once again.
From emergency personnel responding to COVID-19, to community leaders working for racial equality, to the millions of others doing their part each day, more and more people are showing up to do important work in the face of trauma. The Trauma Skills Summit will give you tools, skills, and practices so you can take care of yourself and your community in the midst of challenging times.
You’ll hear from luminaries such as Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Ruth King, Dr. Peter Levine, Justin Michael Williams, Thomas Hübl, and others as they explore topics such as:
  • Why do we find that people with trauma histories usually have some level of addiction, and how can we break the cycle?
  • What is internalized oppression, and how can meditation help us break through our own limitations?
  • How does our view of reality inform our healing from trauma, and how can quantum law open us to our greatest potential?
  • How can we come together to heal our collective traumas—both the crises we currently face and the traumas inherited from generations past?