Shamanic Journeying to Connect with the Earth’s Elements & Other Nature Allies

with Sandra Ingerman ~ Available Now ~ REPLAY AVAILABLE Sign up anytime before February 2, to access the program instantly. FREE Online Event with Bestselling Author, Award Winner and Shamanism Teacher Sandra Ingerman Find Healing, Wisdom & Belonging in Reciprocal Relationships with Spirits of the 'Middle World'

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9th Annual Soul Shine Solstice Celebration

Presented by New Earth One Network Sat. Dec 19 - Tue. Dec 22 Replay Available Free Online Marathon Livestream | Access to Replays 24/7 Featuring over 20 speakers Patricia Diane Cota Robles, Lauren Galey, Meg Benedicte, Anrita Melchizedek, Laurie Reyon +more Activations and Meditations for Unity Consciousness & New Earth Light Anchoring

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Winter Solstice Fest

16 Music Groups ~ 35 Presenters ~ 3 Days Fri. Dec 18 - Sun. Dec 20 Replay Available Free Three Day Event with 16 music groups, 35 presenters including: Shpongle, John Butler, Deva Premal & Miten, Michael Franti, Grandmother Flordemayo, Nathalie Kelley, Android Jones, Yeye Luisah Teish +more Join kindred spirits all around the globe to celebrate the December Winter Solstice. Release 2020 and start fresh in 2021!

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Lineages of Magic & The Age of Darkness

with Paul Temple ~ Two Online Interactive Programs on Zoom ~ Session 1: Reclaiming our Extra-Sensory Powers Sun, Nov 29, 1pm - 4pm PT on Zoom Session 2: Releasing Ancestral Trauma Around Magical Gifts Sun, Dec 6, 1pm - 4pm PT on Zoom $24 for single session $40 for both sessions (price good until Nov 29) A Sound Meditation Journey with Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix We are the ones our ancestors dreamed of: the ones who can be free of fear and repression: the ones who can be powerful and connected to the magic of life. The ones who can remember we are spiritual beings in human bodies with gifts of energy, healing and insight – connected to quantum consciousness – and we can remember that our gifts are much needed by humanity in this time.

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Spiritual Sustenance: Magick as a Spiritual Path

with Damien Echols ~ Available Now thru Nov 30 ~ Replay Available A Free Video Teaching with NYT Best-Selling Author Damien Echols There’s magic. . . and there’s magick. The former is illusion, but the latter is a spiritual tradition with extraordinary transformative power. In this video, Damien Echols explores magick as a practice for providing “spiritual sustenance” in your life.

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Near Death Experiences Online Conference

Fri. Aug 14 - Sun. Aug 16 Replay Available Webinar via Zoom Join us for an opening program, plus 2-day information packed Online Conference including 90 Days Video On Demand Access after the conference! Join 60 speakers Anita Moorjani, Howard Storm, Mary Neal, Suzanne Giesemann, and many more! See and hear internationally renowned inspirational speakers & expert panelists share their personal experiences while introducing cutting edge healing, anxiety and grief support for helping you through the current pandemic challenges.

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Harmonic Convergence 2020

The Harmonic Convergence 2020 A Global 10-Day Livestream Experience Happening Sunday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 14 Live broadcast begins Sun., July 5, at 11am PDT Replays Available HERE Free Livestream from the Facebook Page! "A Meditation for Universal Contact" A historical experiment is taking place around the world: A global meditation to invite peaceful extraterrestrials to show themselves with thousands of lightships across the sky. RECALIBRATE YOUR WORLD VIEW In these unprecedented times of prophecy and paradigm shifts, we have an opportunity to re-imagine our place in the Universe and our relationship with all living beings on our planet. What if humanity could receive an undeniable sign that we are not alone in the Universe? How would that change the way we see ourselves, each other, and our planet? We invite you to join us for The Harmonic Convergence 2020, a 10-day global livestream and Collective Contact broadcast focused on cultivating inner peace, global unification, and inspired collective action. We are featuring indigenous elders, evolutionary and spiritual leaders, ancient history scholars, extraterrestrial researchers, and musicians. Each day includes meditations, talks, music and more. Our intention is to help humanity take another step towards realizing our intrinsic connection with all life and our role as planetary stewards within a larger universal community.

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