9th Annual Soul Shine Solstice Celebration

Presented by New Earth One Network

Sat. Dec 19 – Tue. Dec 22
Replay Available
Free Online Marathon Livestream | Access to Replays 24/7
Featuring over 20 speakers Patricia Diane Cota Robles,
Lauren Galey, Meg Benedicte, Anrita Melchizedek,
Laurie Reyon +more
Activations and Meditations for Unity Consciousness
& New Earth Light Anchoring
9th Annual Online Event Marathon to Raise Your Vibration for New Earth Creations in 2021!
From December 12 thru December 21, our planet makes an annual alignment with the Great Central Sun, opening a Cosmic Gateway for Higher Consciousness, or Christed Light, to stream into the hearts of all humankind.
This Solstice, the alignment with the Galactic Center occurs at zero degrees Aquarius and Earth herself will be anchored fully in Unity Consciousness. 
Shall we join her? 
This is a potent and powerful manifesting opportunity and this online event marathon offers 14 hours of Meditations and Activations for Unity Consciousness.  
Join in this High Vibrational Event and Radiate Your Love to your Self
and the World.