Spiritual Sustenance: Magick as a Spiritual Path

with Damien Echols

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A Free Video Teaching with NYT Best-Selling Author
Damien Echols
There’s magic. . . and there’s magick. The former is illusion, but the latter is a spiritual tradition with extraordinary transformative power. In this video, Damien Echols explores magick as a practice for providing “spiritual sustenance” in your life.
Damien Echols is one of the most extraordinary teachers we’ve had the opportunity to partner with at Sounds True.
The story of Damien’s ordeal in one of the most notoriously mishandled trials in recent history has been the subject of bestselling books and award-winning documentaries. Yet what is truly remarkable in Damien’s story is what he chose to do when he was wrongfully imprisoned on death row.
Damien immersed himself in spiritual practice. And the practice that gave him the strength, courage, and resources to endure and overcome his 18-year imprisonment was magick—the Western path of spiritual awakening.
In this free video, Spiritual Sustenance: Magick as a Spiritual Path, you can hear Damien talk about his experience with magick.
What stands out every time we speak with Damien is his great openness of heart, his generosity of spirit, and his desire to share the hard-won wisdom he’s learned on his journey. He took an experience that most of us can barely imagine and turned it into a chance to deepen his compassion, his sense of purpose, and his connection with the sacred.
“If you wonder whether or not magick works, just take one look at Damien’s path to freedom.”
—Seane Corn, author of Revolution of the Soul
Luminaries, teachers, and seekers alike are increasingly recognizing Damien Echols as one of the most vital emerging voices in spirituality today. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to meet this exceptional wisdom keeper in this free video, “Spiritual Sustenance: Magick as a Spiritual Path.
What You’ll Learn:
  • Magick and Spiritual Awakening – As both a teacher of High Magick and an ordained practitioner in the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition, Damien explores why magick can have a special power to benefit Western seekers.
  • Do You Need to Believe in Magick? – Though magick works with forces we might identify with religion, such as angels and archangels, Damien explains why belief isn’t necessary for magick to work—and what that means to practitioners.
  • Spiritual Sustenance and Your Aura – Damien introduces the magickal concept of “thought forms,” and explores key practices for training your mind to manifest the outcomes you seek in your everyday life—and on your spiritual journey.