Shamanic Journeying to Connect with the Earth's Elements & Other Nature Allies

Discover Deep Healing & Empowerment for Sensitives & Empathswith Sandra Ingerman

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Find Healing, Wisdom & Belonging in Reciprocal Relationships with Spirits of the ‘Middle World’
Experience a shamanic journey to receive healing guidance and discover how you can cultivate truly reciprocal relationships with Nature’s beings to transform suffering and help heal All of Life.
There’s a higher dimension of consciousness beyond our human suffering that we can step into at any time… through the doorway of Nature.
Nature is our greatest teacher and healer, and by learning her language, we learn how to survive and even thrive.
In all her beauty and knowledge of renewal, death, and rebirth, she holds what we need to know in order to navigate these difficult times — and to be filled with awe at the healing she provides.
Ancient shamans knew how to step into their “spirit self” to cultivate deep, reciprocal healing relationships with the precious beings of the Middle World…
… a transformation that comes from the desire and intention that our nature allies learn who we are, and that we learn who they are — on both seen and unseen levels.
During this compelling hour with world-renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman, you’ll discover how you can cultivate deep, truly reciprocal relationships with the beings of the natural world… for your healing and theirs.
From our wise tree ancestors to nature beings of land, sea, and sky… to the elements, from crystals to water… you’ll discover how simply being with and learning to respectfully communicate with the natural world can teach you how to adapt to the many changes that occur in your own life.
You’ll also learn how the level of dis-ease many of us are experiencing along with the planet’s own imbalance due to climate change are evidence, according to Sandra, that we are not nurturing the Earth or allowing ourselves to be nurtured by it in effective ways.
In this hour, you will find out how you can help effect positive change — within yourself and for all of life’s beings.
You’ll learn the importance of living and working in community — even in the limited ways possible during these challenging times — to bring added support to you and the natural world.
And you’ll discover Nature’s propensity for forgiveness…
You’ll also be invited to participate in a guided ceremony led by Sandra’s shamanic teacher, Isis, to honor your deep relationship with the elements —Earth, Air, Water, and Fire — within you and of the Earth.