Discover the 4 Chambers of Your Warrior Heart

with HeatherAsh Amara
Releasing Your Old Story & Realigning With Your Truth

Wed. Jan 29, 5:30pm – 6:30pm PT
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Free Online Event With Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher HeatherAsh Amara
Discover the healing power of the four chambers of your heart — to transform challenges into opportunities, confusion into clarity, and pain into peace.
Access Toltec wisdom and practices to clear false beliefs, release old stories, and realign with your true purpose.
Do you sense that the life you’re living is a version of a story you’ve been telling yourself… maybe one of scarcity, self-doubt, and fear?
Perhaps the story is revealed through self-critical, repetitive voices inside your head… or an underlying idea that you’re not quite enough as you are… or that your dreams are outrageous and out of reach…
After years of investing in personal growth and healing through therapy, self-help books, and workshops, we’re able to transform our stories — however, these are still stories. And even though they’re now held inside a “healthier” or more “spiritual” container, they still sidestep the truth.
In fact, if you’re like many of us, your stories and your truth are so tangled up with one another, they’ve become embedded in who you are… or at least, who you THINK you are.
If you’ve ever thrown a handful of cords or necklaces into a bag and wondered how they’d become so hopelessly tangled when it came time to take them out again…
… then you already have an understanding of the deep enmeshment that often happens with our stories and emotions.
If you remain tangled up for too long, you can lose your way and no longer recognize the ever-present bond that lovingly connects the parts of who you are.
The good news is, you CAN untangle your emotions from your stories, and your stories from the truth… and then connect the truth with your intent.
It’s all part of a powerful inquiry practice using Toltec wisdom as the framework, and your emotional body as a starting point…
The Power of Toltec Wisdom
Toltec means “artist of the spirit,” and the Toltec path is one of personal freedom — the freedom to choose how YOU want to create your inner and outer world through your perceptions and intent.
Accessing this ancient tradition illuminates a clear path to releasing personal suffering and reclaiming your natural state of happiness…
Toltec practices leave you feeling more centered, confident, and grounded — because whatever arises, you’re dedicated to the truth, rather than a story.
During a powerful new online event, healer HeatherAsh Amara will introduce you to this Toltec wisdom as she walks you through each of the four chambers of the heart — Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent.
These four chambers can help you take stock of your current emotional and mental state… and reframe your situation in a new, healing light.
In this transformative mini-workshop with HeatherAsh, you’ll discover how to rekindle the power of deep intimacy within yourself — releasing self-judgment, guilt, and shame, and claiming the path of the aware, transformative Warrior of the Heart.
As you’ll discover, your freedom comes from learning to courageously face your challenges as opportunities to clean out the false beliefs and old, heavy emotions you’re tangled up with.