5 Ancestral Realms for Healing Your Life & Lineage

with Dr Steven Farmer
Journey Beyond Your Bloodline with Your Spirit Animal Ancestors & Others

Wed. Oct 16, 5:30pm PT
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Free Online Event with World-Renowned Author, Soul Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Teacher Dr. Steven Farmer
Connect with the ancestors — beyond your bloodline — to help you heal, evolve, ignite your creative side, and live a more fulfilling life.
Experience a guided meditation to discover an Animal Spirit that can connect you with a beloved ancestor — or with the wisdom to navigate a life challenge.
Connecting with the ancestors connects us with all of life… opening us to an invisible world of spirit allies who can help us heal and more fully embrace our existence here on the physical plane.
And our ancestors are more than our bloodline…
Depending on your life challenge, the behavioral pattern you want to shift, or the skill or talent you’d like to cultivate, there are wise ancestors — in addition to your bloodline — waiting to help you heal, evolve, ignite your creative side, and live a more fulfilling life.
The ancestral realms awaiting your connection beyond your own bloodline include DNA, the original ancestor… primordial ancestors, the elements of Earth, air, fire, and water… prehistoric ancestors, the animal and plant spirits… and archetypal ancestors, the wisdom keepers who have special skills and talents, and can mentor us from the invisible realm.
During this self-empowering hour with author, soul healer, shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist, and spiritual teacher Dr. Steven Farmer, you’ll learn about the various ancestors that can serve as your spirit allies, how they can assist you in your life, ways you can call on them, and how you may uniquely perceive their messages.