Discover The Holographic Enneagram

Sat. Jul 6, 10:00am PT
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Free Video Event Featuring Renowned Enneagram Teacher Jessica Dibb

Move beyond the linear approach to the Enneagram…
Enter the multidimensional map of the Enneagram to access (and integrate) the deeper qualities of your body, heart, mind, and soul.
Discover integrated practices to activate your higher consciousness — and actualize the FULL capacity of your type.
The original intention of the Enneagram was to serve as an evolutionary map for exploring and embodying the deeper qualities of human nature…
Now you can enter the multidimensional map of the Enneagram to actualize this potential in your own life.
An integrated, comprehensive approach to the Enneagram, paired with experiential practices, empowers you to transmute your patterns (physiologically, cognitively, and emotionally) into the deeper aspects of your type…
When you access the holographic potential of the Enneagram, you’re able to leverage your personal growth work to evolve your WHOLE being… not just one specific area of focus.
World-renowned Enneagram teacher Jessica Dibb has pioneered the holographic approach to the Enneagram that encompasses the rich and nuanced levels of the nine types through accessible, comprehensive teachings.
If you’re experienced with the Enneagram, you’ll have this first-ever opportunity to immerse yourself in all the dimensions and levels of the Enneagram…
Whether you’re steeped in the Enneagram or have just discovered its transformative power, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance to access its multidimensional aspects through this groundbreaking, holistic approach.