Dream Growing
with Robert Moss

9 Secrets to Unlock Imagination & Live Your Soul's Wildest Imaginings

Thu. Jul 25, 5:30pm PT
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& Dream Shaman – Robert Moss
Journey to your unique Imaginal Realm to discover an inspiring soul image for growing a dream in your waking life.
Discover how to envision what’s blocking you from unveiling and manifesting your soul’s desires — and how to stir the forces in the world to support you.
The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results…
This is one of the essential secrets of creative living, unearthed by Bengali philosopher and poet Rabindranath Tagore over a century ago.
And one of the greatest crises in our lives, even today, is a crisis of imagination…
We get stuck and set ourselves up for failure because we buy into a limited or self-defeating version of reality, and refuse to see our situation differently.
Yet, the answer to this dilemma has always been within our reach. It lies within us — in the power of imagination… inviting us to reconnect with our ancestral wisdom carried through our lineage.
We’re ruled by images; they’re the “facts of the mind” (as English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge called them) that turn us on and turn us off and program our bodies for wellness or disease.
To live richer and more creative lives, bestselling author and world-renowned dreamwork master Robert Moss teaches us to choose the images to which we give energy and belief.
He shows us that true imagination is quite different from idle fantasy. Creative imagination is much more than daydreaming. It’s not merely wishful thinking, but a way of wish fulfillment.
And there’s no better way, Robert’s discovered, to tap into your very own Imaginal Realm than to pay attention to your nighttime dreams, filled with rich images revealing the true desires of your soul — as your rational, waking mind takes a backseat.
This is where you start — to grow the dreams you desire in your waking life. You pay attention to the imagery in your nighttime dreams, which lead you to your soul’s greatest and wildest imaginings…
… and then you bring those deep desires into the light of day by getting out of your own way, past your limiting perspectives, AND continuing to imagine.