Falling Into Grace

with Adyashanti

Tues. July 23- August 15
Free Audio Teaching on Surrendering to the Grace
that Ends Personal Suffering
Ever feel like life is working against you? Your car breaks down in traffic. Someone trolled your well-crafted post on social media. Your partner left their dishes in the sink…again. 
Any of these can cause frustration not only with other people, but with the universe itself. But what if you stop focusing on the challenges and instead, notice the thousands of ways that life serves and uplifts you every day?
In Falling into Grace, one of his most renowned and best-selling works, Adyashanti explains how you can come to appreciate and cherish these moments of synchronicity. For a limited time, we’re pleased to offer a free audio teaching from Falling into Grace.  
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  1. Why surrender is so important in your spiritual exploration
  2. Transcending the world of opposites
  3. Breaking out of the trance of egoWhy it’s essential for you to be open to mystery and uncertainty
 Your intuition is crucial for your own and others’ healing…
 It’s integral to your calling as a soul… and vital to the health of your relationships…
Your intuition is also an indispensable source of guidance in your daily life.
Yet, as an empath, or a sensitive person, your ability to “intuit” information and emotions can prove to be quite challenging at times.
Unless you’ve discovered how to master your intuitive gifts and energetic boundaries, you’re likely to absorb other people’s energy, resulting in feelings of fragmentation or ungroundedness…
You may also tend to “merge” others’ energy with your own, or have difficulty interpreting your inner knowing because it’s tangled up with other people’s energy and information.
According to leading intuitive healer and spiritual teacher Wendy De Rosa, understanding how — and where — your body is sensing energy and information is the first step to healing these imbalances. Then, you can start to open to the full range of your intuition… clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance.
Wendy teaches that our four powers of intuition correspond to the chakras — and the amount of life force, or prana, moving through these energy centers…
The greater your ability to tune into your body and chakras, the easier it will be to access your intuition in all its forms.
However, blocks in the chakras — typically the result of early childhood conditioning, cultural beliefs, or lineage wounds — likely hinder the flow of life force, creating energy imbalances and disease in the body, and blocking your access to clear, intuitive information…