Holiday Gift Idea in Honor of the Divine Masculine.

God Cards For Men provides tools, tips and tricks that help transform toxic masculine behavior into divine masculine virtues. There are so many teaching and tools that support the Divine Feminine. And FINALLY there is a beautifully designed divination and teaching tool for men.
The perfect gift for your beloved, brother, friend!
This bold new oracle deck contains 55 Divine Masculine archetypes
that serve as a catalyst for anyone to better understand, encourage and embody Divine Masculine virtues and principles. 
• The Essential Wisdom that archetypes have provided us for eons. 
• How to identify any toxic or shadow masculine archetypes that may be sabotaging your life. 
•Secrets for confronting the toxic shadow and befriending the Divine Super Power beneath it.
Each card contains compelling images and transformational insights that challenge and rejuvenate the inherent super-powers of the Divine Masculine archetypes already within us; no matter what gender identity one declares.
God Cards for Men is devoted to helping restore and embrace the empowered, empathic, dynamic yet loving Masculine archetypes in everyone. They make a unique and powerful gift for men, women and every gender identity; a gift your loved ones will cherish for years to come!
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