How to Become the Messenger You're Meant to Be

with Tim Kelley

3 Keys to Break Through Your Fears & Embrace Your Calling
Wed. Jun 26, 5:30pm PT
Sat. Jun 29, 10:00am PT
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With Renowned Global Change Agent Tim Kelley
Discover how to break through the fears that are blocking you from surrendering to your highest calling.
Receive an essential practice to connect with your Higher Guidance — and uncover the exact message that only you are meant to share with the world.
Are you a messenger?
Did you just say “yes!” yet you’re not even sure what this means? Or what your exact message is?
Everyone has a message, but only some are called to be messengers…
You might sense that you’re meant to ignite change… within your community or beyond… maybe you have an image of yourself speaking before hundreds, making a film, starting a podcast, writing a blog, a book, or more…
Yet, once you allow yourself to think about doing this (even for a minute!) fear arises and stops you in your tracks.
This fear is intense, and often manifests as a fear of dying, being killed, ridiculed, dismissed…
However, these fears actually validate that you ARE a messenger.
Yikes! No wonder so many messengers hide out in jobs or run businesses that aren’t aligned with their highest purpose…
However, these fears actually validate that you ARE a messenger.
And, if you’ve accepted this calling, you might be struggling as a messenger, because you don’t know what your message is (or how to communicate it and to whom).
More than likely, somewhere inside you feel you haven’t been given full permission to become an authentic, empowered messenger, and so the message is unclear and lacks the essence of what you’re truly here to share.
Right now, the only thing you need to know is you’ve been CALLED, or you might say, “anointed” a messenger, by Source, Spirit, and the Intelligence of the Universe…
The moment you surrender to your destiny, your initiation as a messenger begins.
And, the exact message you’re destined to carry, and how you will spread it, emerges from your Higher Guidance…
Renowned teacher Tim Kelley, the author of True Purpose, will share with you the proven, practical method for accessing your higher guidance and embracing your messenger-ship.