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Learn from St. Francis how every act in good faith uplifts and restores our world — and why it’s never too late to resolve conflicts through meaningful acts of compassion, kindness, and courage.
All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the
light of a single candle.
— St. Francis of Assisi
One wonders what St. Francis might make of our current circumstances… shut down, waiting, questioning… and wondering what’s to become of our lives and our world.
Before this crisis, many of us filled our days with societally dictated, yet ultimately trivial activities. We felt obligated to compete to see who could get things done the fastest. We’ve stressed, fretted, and striven to reach our “goals,” forgetting that the destination is not what will ultimately bring us peace and contentment.
The good news is, things don’t have to be this way!
It’s possible to live a simpler, more peaceful, and more satisfying life. And now that many of us have no choice but to slow down, there are a few things you can do to align with the flow of a quieter, more fulfilling life.
Think of it as a “What Would St. Francis Do?” (or NOT do) kind of list…
Do Less / Do Only What’s Important
Society has glorified the idea of being “busy.” Take a step back and look at your commitments. St. Francis was only focused on what he felt was most important.
Make Time for You
Create time for solitude — time where you can be alone and in contemplation. St. Francis would spend extremely long times in solitude, creating as deep a connection as he could with God.
Help Others in Small Ways
Most of us aren’t going to do “big things” or have a “big platform” — we’re going to live modest lives of simply caring for each other, which, from another perspective, are actually very big lives. St. Francis did not seek fame and fortune, but sought only to radiate love to all who needed it.
Care for the Underprivileged
What can you do to help those who are less fortunate… even if it’s as simple as offering them a smile and a kind word? Ultimately, it was concern for the underprivileged that is the central theme in the life of St. Francis of Assisi, a saint for our time, because he stands in a tradition of powerful demands for social justice.
The funny thing about lists for living wisely, though, is that people often want to turn them into “rules” for living. Rather, let this be a list of clues or theories — and think of yourself as a scientist, putting these theories to the test in the laboratory that is your life.
What you will likely find as you test these theories is that many of the things you used to think were important and that didn’t make you happy, are unnecessary.
You’ll be able to shed years of stress, and perhaps gain them back in years of joyful living, as you learn more about James Twyman’s personal life mission to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis. You can do the same, and directly experience peace on your life path and authentic connection with others… ultimately replacing the various proxy “connections” that society deems essential.
You’ll also learn more about James’ background as a joyful troubadour and peace activist over the last 30 years. You’ll discover how he intelligently, heartfully, and strategically created an alternative-living community in Mexico where he and his co-players are actively creating the life many of us on lockdown pray for.
Finally, you’ll learn what steps you can take to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, including how to live more like a modern-day anchorite, a person who withdraws from society entirely to lead an intensely prayer-oriented life.
James will show you how to do as St. Francis did — so we can initiate a new renaissance for today’s world.